Xbox won the Console War.

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0:00 Happy day-off-work, hopefully
0:08 MLB The Show 21 on Xbox
1:26 Google's in-house Whitechapel chip
2:38 AMD's Spectre-like flaw
3:30 Volta Spark nylon cable
4:18 no more LG phones
4:49 RTX 3050 laptops
5:11 Chip shortage just beginning
5:38 Money has been wasted
6:12 Lamborghini with Alexa
Former Playstation exclusive MLB The Show comes to Xbox Game Pass
Game Pass supports backwards compatible games
While Sony shuts down old stores

Pixel 6 powered by Google’s in-house “Whitechapel” chip

AMD’s got a Spectre of their own


LG’s done with phones looks like

RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti laptops look good

We’re f***ed, boys

At least it wasn’t an NFT
Atari raises 100,000 from selling retro-based NFTs

Lamborghini with Alexa

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smany 2 ditë më parë
Bryan Leal
Bryan Leal 9 ditë më parë
No it didn't
Dustin Nunn
Dustin Nunn 11 ditë më parë
Microsoft is better than Sony because Microsoft's current generation Xbox-related consoles are backwards-compatible with previous generation Xbox console-related games.
Bella Courtney
Bella Courtney 16 ditë më parë
💀 Ps still won.
Animetrio animations
Animetrio animations 20 ditë më parë
Console wars don't exist
BOYGENIUS538 _ 22 ditë më parë
Does anyone even play this game?
Micah Gaming Squad
Micah Gaming Squad 22 ditë më parë
BrillDrill 23 ditë më parë
The Console War Started By Sony against Nintendo in the 90s and Ended By Microsoft in 2021!
Astrobot XJ6
Astrobot XJ6 12 ditë më parë
and still lives on in 10 year olds minds
thestyxcode 25 ditë më parë
why do yall keep holding the tiny controller
Yu-Gi-Lo! 25 ditë më parë
Pc has already won
Froth 25 ditë më parë
Playstation won long ago.
bulldog 27 ditë më parë
Yeah but dousnt meen anything so your just one of those people i guess engoi buying gta 5 again😂😂😂🤣
nbh camp
nbh camp 28 ditë më parë
And playstation will put more games on pc and xbox becuase playstation users are cheap they don't buy games the stats speak for themselves go look
nbh camp
nbh camp 25 ditë më parë
@Froth and if it exclusives where that good they would outsell the third parties weak argument
nbh camp
nbh camp 25 ditë më parë
@Froth and high quality it's all copy and paste only thing that changes is the story they're all third person action adventure games even the new final fantasy turned into action adventure game not even new a remaster of a portion of the original get that week s*** out of here
nbh camp
nbh camp 25 ditë më parë
@Froth boi I own almost a thousand games their is a shit ton of games on xbox who are u lien to urself and I got gp pass that puts me at over a thousand u got issues and again ur "exclusives" don't sell as well as u pretend they do gg lmao u can check the stats urself and do the math u dknt have to go of anything I say but I surmise u won't lmao
Froth 25 ditë më parë
@nbh camp "i promise" seems legit. Enjoy MS flight simulator and halo infinite lmfao.
nbh camp
nbh camp 25 ditë më parë
@Froth yup and same with xbox u won last year because we had no good excuses but now that they're in the making for Xbox as well I promise they will not be that many award-winning PlayStation games could because PlayStation is a rinse and repeat copy and paste company
nbh camp
nbh camp 28 ditë më parë
He said ps has the best exclusives well the stats beg to differ the best selling ps exclusive only was bought by 15% of the player base that's not great it's actually quite bad
RetardationIsMyGift 29 ditë më parë
Well Sony recently chose to make a remake rather than a new game so their exclusives arent looking that good.
Max Sgro
Max Sgro 29 ditë më parë
Anyone else get that weird deep faked charger add?
Hekate 29 ditë më parë
Nobody can win in a console war when there’s no damn consoles available to buy.
Joshua Dixon
Joshua Dixon 29 ditë më parë
I have both so its cool i love em both
Arthur Lisboa
Arthur Lisboa 29 ditë më parë
Xbox wins!
Michael Carson
Michael Carson 29 ditë më parë
The crappy Xbox did not win the console war idiot
Freddie Alejandro
Freddie Alejandro Muaj më parë
xbox is shit like pc
Fungusamongus Muaj më parë
How can there be a console war if nobody can get any consoles?
susleyvis ibanez
susleyvis ibanez Muaj më parë
Tchadingo Muaj më parë
Lol hell no
Chris Ofsthun
Chris Ofsthun Muaj më parë
It's too bad the new Xbox I purchased was defective and had to be returned... should just change the name to Shitbox, they would sell a lot more.
Decent Angle
Decent Angle Muaj më parë
You can make a more creative title than that terrible clickbait. I mean I get it, you gotta do it for the algorithm. But be creative, I believe in you moustache
Cooper Littlehales
Cooper Littlehales Muaj më parë
Still using my pixel 2 from 2018. Best phone I ever bought
Dan Gorne
Dan Gorne Muaj më parë
I’m dying, I am laughing so hard. Riley and James with the humour, really a terrific way to get all of my techie news. well done gentleman, slow clap.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Muaj më parë
People u still fight over console r kids
ndgo Muaj më parë
Her uh khan
usernamefromhell Muaj më parë
Yeah...naw fam. A multiplat sports game and old-ass games don't win a console war, sorry.
Paul Bowen
Paul Bowen Muaj më parë
Hey maaaaan, don't hassle the hoff okaaay.
Wiwi Wowo
Wiwi Wowo Muaj më parë
pj Muaj më parë
Just bought my 1st Xbox and game pass is now my religion
Mike Clemo
Mike Clemo Muaj më parë
None of it matters. Pc is the master race
WarpSonic Muaj më parë
1:11 This man has clearly never played Halo.
Froth 25 ditë më parë
Low quality bait
WarpSonic Muaj më parë
I'm about to start a flamewar, aren't I? Ooooh boy...
Liberty Muaj më parë
PS5 sales are 2 to 1.
Rizvi Rahman
Rizvi Rahman Muaj më parë
Over just for MLB? I didn't even know MLB was exclusive to Sony.
Christine Kelly Louise Haylett
Christine Kelly Louise Haylett Muaj më parë
Sonys recent move has stopped me from choosing a ps5 over a Xbox series s/x.
RzR K Muaj më parë
Won? They sold more xbox? Or what? I dont see their win.
Djole Djole gming
Djole Djole gming Muaj më parë
Sony never had intersting games i played some of them on emulator and they are boring, gears of war and halo are amazing.
9v Battery
9v Battery Muaj më parë
I speak for many people... NO one gives 2 fuqs about mlb the show unless they make mlb the movie
Roy Rosales
Roy Rosales Muaj më parë
It’s not Xbox vs PS, it’s Microsoft vs PS. Microsoft wants to stop making Xbox and is hoping to only make games that work everywhere. They want all games to be PC games.
t c
t c Muaj më parë
Fu click bait title
Billy Games
Billy Games Muaj më parë
Lol, either click bait or confused af...🖕🏻
Josiah Suarez
Josiah Suarez Muaj më parë
Trashbox is a failure box for thieves and liars
Eli -
Eli - Muaj më parë
It’s baseball 😹
Hawlowe Muaj më parë
Bring demon souls to pc
Novus Talks
Novus Talks Muaj më parë
They really didn’t
GK Eagle
GK Eagle Muaj më parë
Himo Liadon
Himo Liadon Muaj më parë
Check the sales numbers last time I checked ps5 had over 6 million and series x/s was less then 4 million
Sera Phina
Sera Phina Muaj më parë
Yay! Xbox won the Console war! I can't wait to play all the new xbox games on my computer.
Rodney Bronson
Rodney Bronson Muaj më parë
Hey, people are not going out to buy PlayStations to play MLB. Looks like a desperate move by Microsoft to expand their player base as much as possible.
Connor Habecker
Connor Habecker Muaj më parë
So I clicked on this video to hear what I missed about xbox... Turns out I missed nothing. The Xbox console is the same inferior system, but with a cooler (non-exclusive) game. Yeah, ok.
Iron Pyrous
Iron Pyrous Muaj më parë
What about Nintendo ?
EsKaYf4 Muaj më parë
Being sponsored by xbox has nothing to do with it....
Robert Dobson
Robert Dobson Muaj më parë
Google obviously knows that the saw is the law 😂
Hugh W.
Hugh W. Muaj më parë
See ya later!
Marcello 42
Marcello 42 Muaj më parë
afaik spectre and meltdown also have been an issue with AMD processors (as well as ARM based)
Wayne Morgan
Wayne Morgan Muaj më parë
Does anyone outside of America really care about MLB?
devil killer
devil killer Muaj më parë
No games for each consoles, the war has not begun yet, ha ha go back to Sleep,,
Gabriel Viana
Gabriel Viana Muaj më parë
I feel like you guys are the only group in the world that hype xbox so much. Much more than it deserves. Except for the Xbox fans, or course. They have no taste, can't blame them.
Hans verwoerd
Hans verwoerd Muaj më parë
I own a PS5, series X, and a switch. The only console i play on is my series X with gamepass ultimate. The Dualsense controller is cool, but the series X controller wins by comfort and 40+ hours of battery life. I like the smaller size of the series X controller. And i hate the thumbsticks on the ps5 are in the middle of the controller. The thumbsticks on the Xbox controller feels so much better. Smart delivery, VRR, quick resume, 1440P, auto hdr, fps boost, bigger SSD, storrage upgrade posible. It is all missing on the ps5. If i have to choose between the 2, i Will sell my ps5 and keep my series X. Comming from a PS4 pro. Iam not a fanboy, i like Both systems. But the Series X wins this gen. If you have 500 spend it on the series X. Sorry for my english 😉 and with the newest upgrade we have Dolby vision gaming on the Series X 💪🏼
Delta225 Muaj më parë
What console war? Nobody can even get either console lol
el Inodoro que habla
el Inodoro que habla Muaj më parë
Xbox: we got MLB for this gen!!! Me who doesn’t care about baseball: yay.... I guess.
Don David
Don David Muaj më parë
Pathetic Clickbait video, just delete your channel.
Hayley dog
Hayley dog Muaj më parë
It is one sports game
justin s
justin s Muaj më parë
Do you always need help from your camera man to distract from your utter awkwardness
Josh T
Josh T Muaj më parë
Glad they won, just wish I could find one now..
Robert Swift
Robert Swift Muaj më parë
Clickbait title, PS is clearly winning. If you’ve played both consoles the PS5 feels so much better in so many ways, where the Xbox feels slow and low definition. Xbox also has no new games.
Sammy Sneed
Sammy Sneed Muaj më parë
I don't think Xbox getting a baseball game that was previously PS only means they won anything, call me when they get Gran Turismo or Twisted Metal lmfao
Inga Mgoduka
Inga Mgoduka Muaj më parë
Xbox appeared winning last year Sony cameback swinging lets wait & see.
Xarce Chronus
Xarce Chronus Muaj më parë
Clickbait at its finest
VulcanFaux Muaj më parë
Is it tonka tough though
Kazuya Yuza
Kazuya Yuza Muaj më parë
In Europe nobody gives a shit about baseball.
bosshova23 Muaj më parë
This was announced over a year ago that baseball was coming to Xbox
Resident NotEvil
Resident NotEvil Muaj më parë
After hearing the MLB the Show news im thinking of trading my ps5 for an xbox and just pay for the ultimate game pass and play free games instead of spending $70 to try a game i dont know if i would like
Destry Ransier
Destry Ransier Muaj më parë
It's pronounced Lamborghini Huracan is pronounced Her-uh-con.
lanzo86 Muaj më parë
Wait did these guys miss the fact that MLB is a Sony
Adam Stock
Adam Stock Muaj më parë
another crap bait title with riley the idiot ..... LMG just gets worse and worse
Yenooc Muaj më parë
i dont know anyone who has played mlb the show
Morten Galatius
Morten Galatius Muaj më parë
downvote for the clickbait alone...
ReVo's Residence
ReVo's Residence Muaj më parë
Honestly I think the war was over with PS4. This gen almost everyone wins. But yeah Xbox is better this year.
Damian Lanzano
Damian Lanzano Muaj më parë
Xbox is garbage.
Soapble Muaj më parë
Ur mad
the gamer
the gamer Muaj më parë
Game passages to rip off of PlayStation now
the gamer
the gamer 5 ditë më parë
@Soapble no you
Soapble Muaj më parë
Ur mad
the gamer
the gamer Muaj më parë
PlayStation has haptic feedback
Godwin Yoh
Godwin Yoh Muaj më parë
What a trash video. I fell for it, was expecting some sensible stuff.
Z3r0CooL Muaj më parë
MLB the show is one of the worst versions of baseball sports games.. the EA non-exclusives were always better.. and there’s like 40 different mlb games a year... and they’re all basically the same cause sports have set rules and rosters. Also apple didn’t invent or use the word silicone first.. if you wanna say Google is copying then apple copied intel just as they stole everything good from IBM.
j0rzeh Muaj më parë
Xbox didn't win fuckall c'mon.. build a PC and play MS games ;)... I bought a PS5 for one game only and that was Demon souls remake :)
Davii Mai
Davii Mai Muaj më parë
"Cheaper", lol 😂
General Onell
General Onell Muaj më parë
Console wars died when Xbox stopped trying to sell you consoles but sell you game pass.
Ash Patel
Ash Patel Muaj më parë
Android auto has been doing voice commands for years. Alexa is bollocks anyways
john BF4in
john BF4in Muaj më parë
But I didn’t ......
Shogun Lee
Shogun Lee Muaj më parë
bull shit
Fitz Muaj më parë
Beisbol has been very very good to me!
Robert Jervis
Robert Jervis Muaj më parë
I don't believe you, the next gen consoles don't exist
Ethan_MQ Muaj më parë
Did Xbox really win console wars? Kinda sus
SnipeZsFN Muaj më parë
baseball is a shitty game
Wombat Muaj më parë
Clickbait title - the console rivalry hasnt even started its gonna be another 5yrs before we know whether or not consoles could keep up with player demand/interest.
coolkid201 noob
coolkid201 noob Muaj më parë
Me on pc hahahahahahahshhshahahahahhs
Justin Becker
Justin Becker Muaj më parë
PS5 vs Xbox Series X - After 5 Months of Use!
I tried SO HARD to break this…
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