Goodbye, Adobe Flash ☹

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0:00 New Years Realization
0:11 Flash is dead.
1:11 Foldable iPhone rumors
2:02 Intel could outsource CPU manufacturing
3:07 Honey
3:47 New RTX GPUs incoming
4:12 EU wants to make CPUs
4:42 Windows 7 is the Nazgul
5:08 Chinese apps + stuff
5:33 Ticketmaster fined for sucking
Adobe flash
Foldable iPhone prototypes
Major Intel stakeholder tells Intel it’s time to outsource manufacturing
RTX 3080 Ti models spotted
RTX 3050, 3050 Ti, 3060 on the way
Apple’s even got the EU wanting to make its own chips
Why can’t I quit you, Windows 7
Huawei fought with Tencent? But… they’re both Chinese
Meanwhile Apple has to remove 90,000 games from the App Store
Ticketmaster hired competitor’s employee, then hacked their networks with his login

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Dan the-Man
Dan the-Man 2 ditë më parë
Watching from my Windows 7 custom desktop. I'm more concerned with reliability and utility than security.
Amal Alwhab
Amal Alwhab 10 ditë më parë
No 😂😂😂👎
CGMe 11 ditë më parë
People were still actively using Windows 7 in January of 2021? What? Like, honestly, at that point you should be perfectly fine switching to Ubuntu or Linux Mint. I doubt they could even safely do that much on Win 7 anymore, whereas Mint and Ubuntu are completely safe and would afford them every SOHO functionality.
pigtailsboy 16 ditë më parë
Hadn't been using flash for some time and but had visited good ol HSR just to take a look at what was before no longer. I do have some bought games that were based on flash and shockwave so I'm not sure what impact that will have. Maybe the format can be resurrected and improved upon some day by another developer. Burn Adobe.
Mitex 17 ditë më parë
JBSTACX 19 ditë më parë
We all remember pretending to do our homework behind the computer.... . Instead we were on ** or *UNBLOCKED GAMEZ 6666848448*
Pickled Sausages
Pickled Sausages 25 ditë më parë
Meanwhile I let it live through standalone flash.
kristal kerrick
kristal kerrick 25 ditë më parë
thanks to emulators flashpoint and eol workarounds flash lives on FOREVER...
Mr. Prog
Mr. Prog 25 ditë më parë
Xiao Xiao was/is fucking amazing. It inspired me to create stick figure animations on post-it notes, then go on to make comic books that a lot of friends in middle school enjoyed to read.
Vitoria Paiva
Vitoria Paiva 28 ditë më parë
im so sad i cant play my favourite games anymore, i would now need to pay on app stores for them
WattmetryCZ 28 ditë më parë
MS Empire will never kill WIN7 users...!! 🤣😂😎😊🤢✌🤞
Stefan Batara
Stefan Batara 29 ditë më parë
yeah let's see, on win7: bluetooth works on older laptops, sound sources get recognized, no fckin updates to restart your pc whenever, no bugs on explorer.exe, no downsides to using it as a normal user (my data =0 value) >> on win10: bluetooth won't work on most of my devices even if new, front and back sound don't get recognized making my speakers and headphones to work at the same time, restarts even while gaming due to updates, have to restart explored.exe every few hours coz if not my pc will lagg like a fckin potato, search results to nothing (i type disc, it results windows disk whatever instead of discord), again no downsides coz i can reinstall whenever i want coz my data =0 value ... yeah i will keep using win7
Electrify Productions
Electrify Productions 29 ditë më parë
Lagi Saini
Lagi Saini 29 ditë më parë
im super late adobe flash you were fun while you lasted 😢😖 (*weeps but also tries to hold back tears*)
destorysemail Muaj më parë
who cares about flash 99% of the games were shit it sucks that you can't play those few flash games but there was so much shit
Nicelodeus 17 ditë më parë
True, it had a big part of my childhood tho
HABIS AHMED SHA Muaj më parë
It's all apple's fault. Search "why was flash discontinued".
Mr Random
Mr Random Muaj më parë
Adobe flash sucks and it’s bad
Joe Zipperer
Joe Zipperer Muaj më parë
My firefox still plays it LOL
Arcade Maxima
Arcade Maxima Muaj më parë
I remember playing Games Online using Flash. RIP Adobe Flash
Kristóf Mèhes
Kristóf Mèhes Muaj më parë
I remember Chaos faction, strike force kitty, Legend of johnny, garfields scary scvana, HOBO, Henry stickman, Roly poly Canon and so more 😢😢😭
にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien Muaj më parë
I love stickpage and random flash porngame man, they are my childhood
Pavlos Pavlou
Pavlos Pavlou Muaj më parë
@TechLinked I love the joke Euros vs Gyros. Is Awesome Joke. Thank You !!! :)
010_Harsh Raj
010_Harsh Raj Muaj më parë
Yes I know the guy who is still using windows 7 its me
Jovan 2101
Jovan 2101 18 ditë më parë
and me
PerKimba Muaj më parë
You can just download the flash content from the website you want and run with the Beta Standalone build of Adobe Flash Player that is still available on Adobe Labs.
Lucas Gazula
Lucas Gazula Muaj më parë
Thank you to the legends porting Flash games to HTML5
Abdullah Alqahtani
Abdullah Alqahtani Muaj më parë
Clave Justin
Clave Justin Muaj më parë
Before January 12: I think it still works when I play Y8 games. During & after January 12: [reply below, what's your reaction]
Timothy Muaj më parë
FINALLY. No more websites saying "yOu NeEd FlASh tO rUn tHiS".
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen Muaj më parë
Now just depression
westsidebestside Muaj më parë
the 2000s in me felt that. damn rip
Rurouni Kalain
Rurouni Kalain Muaj më parë
4:50 Neither living nor dead. Rofl.
Fun Guy
Fun Guy Muaj më parë
Passing an Apple test for durability is like passing a hobo's test for personal hygiene.
Devdoesitbest Muaj më parë
Every other company: we should be the first to make a product Apple: "think differently
Devdoesitbest Muaj më parë
Don't worry I have flashpoint
Redman147 Muaj më parë
Xiao Xiao was amazing
v Manning
v Manning Muaj më parë
they should call it the iFlex
Zeph Muaj më parë
top 10 saddest moments of all time
Zach R
Zach R Muaj më parë
Jesus the ad at the beginning was Linus for pulse way.
George Muaj më parë
why why why why why 😥
peter griffin
peter griffin Muaj më parë
Me: Goes to play Flash Game. January 12th: Fuck
Nasty Intel
Nasty Intel Muaj më parë
Adobe Air 32.0.0. 125 free latest version..
Oliver Stout
Oliver Stout Muaj më parë
portal flash edition (:
Oliver Stout
Oliver Stout Muaj më parë
Adobe Flash is still there on chromebook 1996-last forever on Chromebook
Oliver Stout
Oliver Stout Muaj më parë
Adobe Flash works on chromebook and people buy windows buy chromebook
aeoxshin06 Muaj më parë
Apple will claim that they were the first company to make foldable phones🤣🤣
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Muaj më parë
I am VERY happy about Flash seeing its ass. It was terrible and is even worse to code... Pretty much any other language works better, especially Java, which is simpler to code too...
RailFanning & Stuff
RailFanning & Stuff Muaj më parë
Stick Death
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri Muaj më parë
And your ruin 2020
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri Muaj më parë
I really hate seth macfarlane
Rajden Muaj më parë
Koi Solutions
Koi Solutions Muaj më parë
The merciful community really reflect because planet splenomegaly inform alongside a elite tom-tom. momentous, awesome armchair
Tag no
Tag no Muaj më parë
poor intel, they already had plans for 14 angstrom for 2029.
loli bolacha
loli bolacha Muaj më parë
Aight. Just putting this out there: you can still play old flash games on HTML 5-using websites, also, a website called can be used to download 'Flashpoint', a webgame preservation project, where over 70000 old games are stored, so your old games won't be lost. Credit: Reddit user u/AnnoyingRain5 If you ever see another post like this, you can copy this message to spread awareness
John Man
John Man Muaj më parë
"euros kinda sounds like gyros" ffs XD
Totschlagen1799 Muaj më parë
LMAO 10 Million doesn't even matter to ticket master...
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Muaj më parë
Hey your the guy from netlinked.
Mindaugas K
Mindaugas K Muaj më parë
There was a time when youtube used flash...
Franklin Castillo
Franklin Castillo Muaj më parë
Good luck getting stuff done without Adobe Flash it's going to be hell
Franklin Castillo
Franklin Castillo Muaj më parë
What's security vulnerability that's fake news flashes the best engineer's and coders are just lazy and don't want to fix their own problems that's why they scapegoat Adobe Flash
BabuYT Muaj më parë
“Dont be sad because its over, be happy because it happened”
Luke Deronet
Luke Deronet 25 ditë më parë
Make an original comment
Denis Voicu
Denis Voicu Muaj më parë
R.I.P flash 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tucker Loftus
Tucker Loftus Muaj më parë
Love it when Riley Hosts haha
TheJadedGuy Muaj më parë
Aight. Just putting this out there: you can still play old flash games on HTML 5-using websites, also, a website called @t can be used to download 'Flashpoint', a webgame preservation project, where over 70000 old games are stored, so your old games won't be lost. Credit: Reddit user u/AnnoyingRain5 If you ever see another post like this, you can copy this message to spread awareness
Hermetism -
Hermetism - Muaj më parë
k y
k y Muaj më parë
Cringe video
NijahPlays Muaj më parë
Lol I just don't disable flash
Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal Muaj më parë
My first software love was the erstwhile Macromedia Flash or Adobe Flash now
Romero Valtiel Murdock
Romero Valtiel Murdock Muaj më parë
RIP Flash 😭
Yaan Ts'udənbesdai
Yaan Ts'udənbesdai Muaj më parë
My favorite "flash" moment?: I recall when I 'flashed' a 5-year old girl back in Copenhagen in 1972. I had an old Nikon Camera and I surprised the 'bejabbers' out of her by sneaking up on her then clicking the camera in her face -point-PINOCCHIO-blank range. The 'flash' on the top of the camera seared her cornea -requiring months of retinal surgery. She was blinded in her right eye for 5 months. But hey, what the hell -- I got a good 'photo,' didn't I?
Steve G
Steve G Muaj më parë
I like Riley has a host. He seems to be a natural at keeping my attention. If you feel the same, please Like & Pin this comment.
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh Muaj më parë
A good part of the 2000's for me was playing Flash games and watching stuff on Newgrounds and then ALnets. Flash made the 2000's what it was! You will be missed!
phantom1350 Muaj më parë
Thanks top we can still use flash in the browser like we did before.
Marek Animations
Marek Animations Muaj më parë
Now I need to find something to anamate besides Adobe flash
Andrew Plourde
Andrew Plourde Muaj më parë
IPhone IFlip
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver Muaj më parë
Eric Watson
Eric Watson Muaj më parë
Why not call it the iFold because that's what it does. It folds.
Luca Lighto
Luca Lighto Muaj më parë
i didnt use any thing related to flash player for more than 7 years
the Gwyn
the Gwyn Muaj më parë
How many takes did it take to pronounce the word "authoritarianism" correctly?
Infinite zero
Infinite zero Muaj më parë I played Super Meat Boy Flash game. I know adobe. It's about apple rejected your Flash player. Only flash player give people the power for creativity to build games and cartoons. Now you lock it for all. It's very stupid adobe. I moved to ToonBoom Harmony now. Goodbye Flash. Rest in peace. Thanks for good times with you.
Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott Muaj më parë
RIP INTEL. slash and burn till its done.
chris1up Muaj më parë
This guys hilarious
LockeNL Muaj më parë
You salute with The wrong hand. Dont salute If You are not a soldier or veteran please
Nick Muaj më parë
"Never been excited to have strangers breathe on me again" sounds interesting, also I forgot Adobe Flash was a thing
Amandie Serela
Amandie Serela Muaj më parë
It's call iFlip
Dragom Muaj më parë
RyanPrice Muaj më parë
My entrie childhood gone just like that
Eddy Mison
Eddy Mison Muaj më parë
RIP Macromedia Flash.
Josh Muaj më parë
sweettea . tony
sweettea . tony Muaj më parë
Xiaoxiao stick figures were the f*king best!
Paul Manning
Paul Manning Muaj më parë
:Wowser! Emanuel Swedenborg really loved this video. Fun Fact: You can now get many of E. Swedenborg's books for free at This message is sponsored by youtube channel Swedenborg and Life at
Kofi Kumi
Kofi Kumi Muaj më parë
No more 3 foot ninja
Lee Plynter
Lee Plynter Muaj më parë
"That's a lotta euros and *franc*ly..."
gravityy Muaj më parë
i added honey to chrome with 3 clicks so thats bullshit
TheGreatSeraphim Muaj më parë
Eh, most people have been using Unity for like the last 10 years.
LMacNeill Muaj më parë
5:34 -- as if I needed another reason not to buy tickets from Ticketmaster. Literally worst customer service since Comcast -- and that's saying a lot.
Wafflely Twist
Wafflely Twist Muaj më parë
Me knowing flash just won’t be having updates anymore so I can still play flash games: Everyone is stupid expect me
Saket verma
Saket verma Muaj më parë
umazing copy of Star wars ......., cant remeber tha characters name lol
ALwAYs_DRiVing Muaj më parë
Rocky ! Rocky ! are you alive, i swear i didn't know this channel was an Apple store. Forgive me
Skellvex Muaj më parë
sergiomarchelli Muaj më parë
The days that webdesign was fun. And this hipster was not born.
sergiomarchelli Muaj më parë
what this hipster knows about flash? I've developed so many websites, I was making living with flash animations....this hipster doesnt know anything.
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