No More Google!?

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0:00 Riley's had a hard day
0:07 Google threatens to take down Search
1:19 Apple VR / AR leaks
2:14 Nvidia "killing" Max-Q
3:20 Drop THX Panda Wireless Headphones
3:50 Intel's doin well
4:21 Xbox Live Gold price increases
4:57 Google shuts down Loon
5:18 Beeper chat app
5:47 Bernie meme Maps app
Google threatens to disable Search in Australia if link tax goes through
Apple VR/AR headset plans
Bringing back SD card slot
Nvidia killing Max-Q branding by slow suffocation
Intel is doing super great actually
Xbox ups price of 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription - double what it was originally
Alphabet sends Loon to the bin
Beeper app serves as a bridge between all messaging apps including iMessage, Whatsapp, Signal
Site lets you put Bernie anywhere in the world

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Maxwell Houston
Maxwell Houston Muaj më parë
Update: Microsoft has reversed the price increase.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
@Somnia You're right, 60$ for nothing would not be acceptable. Good job it isn't 60$ for nothing.
thewooxer Muaj më parë
And for next 16 days as of writing this comment you can get Game Pass premium with Xbox Live included for 3 months for around 1 $
Dr.Sloth Sapper
Dr.Sloth Sapper Muaj më parë
Imagine That Doubling the Price for Shit is not a wise buisness decision. Weird Right?
Somnia Muaj më parë
@NightChills lol
NightChills Muaj më parë
@Somnia can't fix stupid
Ryan Ditë më parë
touchbar was developed by that one engi that still looks at his keyboard to type
Anthony BL
Anthony BL 2 ditë më parë
LOL the intro
Rafał Brzeziński
Rafał Brzeziński 3 ditë më parë
0:02 No, I didn't. The video autoplayed when I clicked your channel.
Danny Foo
Danny Foo 7 ditë më parë
This video has the best TechLinked intro.
Edaz 11 ditë më parë
Just use duckduckgo
GAMERSQUAT!! 12 ditë më parë
Hugh Jeffry Psivewri PLZ GET OUT OF THE Australia GET OUT!!!!!
XenoAU 18 ditë më parë
Google in aus: gone Bing: gasss gasss gasss
Donald Duck
Donald Duck 19 ditë më parë
I love Riley he is so fun 🤩
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 20 ditë më parë
Can't stop watching the intro, I'm dead ahahahaha
Squitdoogenz 21 ditë më parë
The intro to this video is underrated
FC United Forever
FC United Forever 22 ditë më parë
Wow peeps still using Alphabet google's search engine, so 😞..... still plugging Apple crap 😂😂
Justin Case
Justin Case 23 ditë më parë
choked on the overwhelming smug vibe and left...
Ferdousi Jannat Sara
Ferdousi Jannat Sara 23 ditë më parë
C-107 24 ditë më parë
I did it.... I actually clicked it.
John Justin
John Justin 24 ditë më parë
That was a good Bernie impression 🤔
Pigeon Jaffas
Pigeon Jaffas 26 ditë më parë
I think that you actually did use fairdinkum right
Lawson Kay-Butterworth
Lawson Kay-Butterworth 27 ditë më parë
you did use that right riley, fair dinkum
Brandon Lynn
Brandon Lynn 28 ditë më parë
Yeah look it isn't about getting paid for the link, it's about the Australian liberal party working with news corp and Rupert Murdoch (srsly how is he still alive) in trying to destroy platforms for small time honest reporters, over here news corp and Murdoch media have a monopoly over the news sector and have had for decades but now that the internet is more accessible than ever people like friendly jordies ( ALnetsr, check him out) are able to get to there target audiences far easier and cheaper than before, so much so it threatens the monopoly news corp has on print and television media but more and more people especially young people are tuning into people like Jordan on youtube instead, you might be wondering how the government comes into play, Jordan and many other honest reporters are uncovering the dirt on our corrupt politicians and putting it out there, and since news corp and Murdoch can't stop it for the liberals the government came up with an idea to push Google it of Australia and this is how, they know Google isn't going to want to pay them so they are left with no other option than to pull there services from Australia including you tube this removing the threats for them, the corruption is so bad over here, liberal party members are taking tax payers money, giving it to big multinational corporations and in turn they are giving the money back to the liberals as donations and it's going straight into there parties coffers. Also for shits and giggles Google Scott Morrison shits his pants at a McDonald's, yeah that's our prime Minister
Indiana Stones
Indiana Stones 29 ditë më parë
Macron is a young leader in the davoß forum and a traitor to the french people. Of course he sticks in the butt of google.
python anywhere
python anywhere 29 ditë më parë
Just take my data. Who cares? Like... Sell me what I need. You get money. I get great products. That's all this data is. There's no evil person behind my computer or any ominous "they" who controls it all.
cvvvvvvvvc 29 ditë më parë
Tim Cooks Apples 🍏🍎🍏🍎
Emroze K
Emroze K 29 ditë më parë
I like fucking intel, don't know why.
SunRedux Muaj më parë
How do you shut shit down when we got VPN's out the ass? Google pls, you're embarrassing yourselves!
Oren Muaj më parë
Like because of that intro
JOUE BIEN TECH Muaj më parë
On the bright side if search engines stop showing news we will stop seeing merdoc propaganda decised as news in digital form.
Mikael Grön
Mikael Grön Muaj më parë
1:15 you didn't use that right
v6s4kas Muaj më parë
Frick Google
Trucker Ron
Trucker Ron Muaj më parë
bob fuglsworth
bob fuglsworth Muaj më parë
That was more Larry David than Bernie sanders
K R Muaj më parë
Wtf Australia?! That's the most communist thing I've heard
170K Muaj më parë
They should have to pay every country they operate in same with social media
Nathan Muaj më parë
Duckduckgo is superior anyway. I even got a browser extension to redirect searches to duckduckgo because i would just type in 'g" and go to google out of habit.
Eric DeVarney
Eric DeVarney Muaj më parë
I can be the only at the end of that said Dude you're a f******* Canadian
JOB LIAR Muaj më parë
People literally pay google to link to their sites and australia wants google to pay them?
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Muaj më parë
Say you go to a physical retail outlet and you have a good experience so you recommend it to a friend, however now you have to go back to that outlet and pay them a fee for promoting their store. That's essentially what this piece of proposed legislation is asking. Or more simply, an analogy I read somewhere else, it's like a billboard company having to pay a business to advertise on their billboard. It's just dumb. Regardless, it does go against the idea of a free Internet. I'd be (somewhat) shocked if the proposed legislation made it through, but if it does it shouldn't take too long for it to be repealed after everyone experiences the ramifications.
T LJ Muaj më parë
mentions tutsi roll - stock goes up.. .hmmm
Randal Alan Smith
Randal Alan Smith Muaj më parë
Thanks panda paywall, I'll just find headphones with a search.
Kendrick Jamone
Kendrick Jamone Muaj më parë
Do that fucc social media, the internet is free press dummy, Are we getting punked
Stewart Coad
Stewart Coad Muaj më parë
The only problem with the proposed legislation is that it DOES NOTGO FAR ENOUGH. Google and Facebook collect OUR DATA that is data about us, and sells it to advertisers. It is like Google and Facebook stealing our cars and then selling them without giving us some of the proceeds. If Google and Facebook want to collect data on us they should be forced to pay US for it !!!!! i.e. we should share in the revenue they collect from advertisers by selling them OUR DATA!!!
Supernatural Muaj më parë
We do need to take a serious look at how we are being ruled by big tech companies.. slowly suffocated out of choice/say/privacy. Start using alternatives people. Soon facebook and google will ask to hold your passport/birth certificate etc 😂
jack cunningham
jack cunningham Muaj më parë
The Australian people agree with google not our government
ccall48 Muaj më parë
I'm from australia, shut it down the internet worked fine before them.
Stu Shipp
Stu Shipp Muaj më parë
I don't usually praise Riley... but the Bernie impersonation was pretty good. I'll give you that lol
Esat'ın Maceraları
Esat'ın Maceraları Muaj më parë
1:17 . I pause when im writing a comment so i didnt hear you used it wrongfully, consciously.
There is no war in Ba Sing Se
There is no war in Ba Sing Se Muaj më parë
Oh nooo.... anyway.. As others have said this is like Nazis fighting ISIS and ISIS both sides begging for support from regular people like we have to choose a side. Personally I hope they both fail,
Travis Hein
Travis Hein Muaj më parë
i kind of like magsafe. that is awesome if they are bringing it back. i mean, that was the only nice thing i liked about macbooks cables.
Pink Lightning Gaming
Pink Lightning Gaming Muaj më parë
Who honestly cares mate use fair dinkem how you want
Corsair Riker
Corsair Riker Muaj më parë
So ...Apple are releasing Google Glass???
Joshua Daymon
Joshua Daymon Muaj më parë
So pretty much we all got called dumbasses right from the start. while he laughed at us. lol
OTL The High Temple of Spam
OTL The High Temple of Spam Muaj më parë
Actually you did you use fair dinkum right.
Samuel Grahame
Samuel Grahame Muaj më parë
It's fine, we want this. Fuck the Australian news click bait sites.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson Muaj më parë
the bernie impression was actually quite hilarious (we need a political revolution in this country) and so was that australian accent (this is Not fair income)
Ryan Main
Ryan Main Muaj më parë
I'm Australian and hate the proposed law, we are having a lot of trouble with our news system it's all backwards at the moment might move to New Zealand ( Australian Canada) oh wait pandemic
Rock girl
Rock girl Muaj më parë
lol, just let them use Bing for a while, or forever if they into that sort of thing.
Kevin C
Kevin C Muaj më parë
So beeper is just WUPHF from The Office
Elliott Guidotti
Elliott Guidotti Muaj më parë
Riley, as an Australian I'd say you used 'fair dinkum' right XD
Rock girl
Rock girl Muaj më parë
I am so dumb for clicking on this video and expecting it to deliver
kingderf Muaj më parë
Good impression
Igor Henrique
Igor Henrique Muaj më parë
"the idea of paying to simply link to a site is kind of contrary to whole idea of an open web" Really? Google made 162 billion dollars in 2019 by doing exacly that.
shaun b
shaun b Muaj më parë
imagine siding with monopolies.....
Cosimo Gioia
Cosimo Gioia Muaj më parë
Riley you are the best
Bogdan Hrechka
Bogdan Hrechka Muaj më parë
Intro Riley was literally Jared from Silicon Valley
Oliver-Nation Muaj më parë
Apple vr headset. Its gonna have 60hz 1080p screen and its gonna cost 1000Euros
jan youtubehater
jan youtubehater Muaj më parë
would be great news if google stopped their search machine in the Netherlands. Over here more and more start using DUCK DUCK GO! They cán be trusted, which you can't say from google...
Nick S
Nick S Muaj më parë
Google: "You can't charge us for linking to your news content!" ... immediately charges guy for linking to google maps.
winja Muaj më parë
google pulling out of Australia would be great for the country. they might actually get accurate search results, instead of biased bullshit. i hope the USA does the exact same thing. maybe we can get google out of everywhere.
Freedom is Everything!!!!
Freedom is Everything!!!! Muaj më parë
He uses a Bernie Sanders quote at the end Bernie Sanders is a f****** loon What they do need to do is to break up big tech and make it illegal to censor people or delete their account or Shadow band
Tim Roberts
Tim Roberts Muaj më parë
You fair dinkum used it in the right way.
Aden Young
Aden Young Muaj më parë
"Australia, I love ya, but this is not fair dinkum" Um, excuse me, but you actually used that perfectly 👌🇦🇺
Big Birb
Big Birb Muaj më parë
I am very sad now rip google
Tall Order
Tall Order Muaj më parë
People still use google? Heck even bing is less censored. I personally use duckduckgo.
Strange Muaj më parë
I am so dumb for clicking on this video and expecting it to deliver
AkAbeeli Muaj më parë
My favorite intro!! loved it
Zach B
Zach B Muaj më parë
It’s not just Google, ALnets, many other social media, even that gorgeous “Duck Duck Go” (aka Bing) would be affected.
Zach B
Zach B Muaj më parë
I support Google because fuck the mainstream media.
Ka Kiu Kung
Ka Kiu Kung Muaj më parë
Google: hello Australian: Sus.
Kodi Latham
Kodi Latham Muaj më parë
As an Australian i think the mainstream news is awful and I get all my news from ALnets because they aren't payed off by the same company that pays off the government and our country is already so shit that I am already thinking about moving to new Zealand
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant Muaj më parë
While it wasn’t 100% right. I give you credit for the attempt 😂😂😂😂 🇦🇺
Oliver Lovell
Oliver Lovell Muaj më parë
All I have have to say is the cringe accent is awful
Michael SanAngelo
Michael SanAngelo Muaj më parë
youtube's subtitles spelled Aussie as Ozzie.
Jazeen Haral
Jazeen Haral Muaj më parë
I mean, they already pick and choose which news outlets they wish to amplify and which ones they want to Shadowban based on their intercompany politics already, I don't see how it would be a big loss to Australia.
SparkyRedstone Muaj më parë
as an Australian, i have never heard someone say "Fairdinkem"
Michael AU
Michael AU Muaj më parë
Why headline the proposed Australian law regarding tech giants and Australian news but only talk about 5% of it.
S. Smith
S. Smith Muaj më parë
5:08 "Making the whole idea a little..." . . . LOONIE!!! You were supposed to say LOONIE!!!
kolim jone
kolim jone Muaj më parë
Google threatens Australia Me in Australia: ohhh shit...
Werli Muaj më parë
alright that intro was top tier
Nick G
Nick G Muaj më parë
Loved the Bernie impression Riley! 😂😂
Fionn Dale
Fionn Dale Muaj më parë
Murdoch wanted more money I see
kolim jone
kolim jone Muaj më parë
It’s not really the people, it’s more like murdoch
Retrofire Muaj më parë
The link tax is a retarded idea, but a multinational tech corporation also shouldn't be threatening the Australian government, either.
LazicStefan Muaj më parë
I was paying google adwords to link to my site to get more traffic and sell more stuff. Had no idea google was willing to pay me if I allow them to link to my site. Hope I don't have to pay my customers for shipping products to them.
Zach B
Zach B Muaj më parë
Nope, that privilege is only given to news outlets that the government accepts.
Toby L
Toby L Muaj më parë
you used "fair dinkum" perfectly mate ;)
Tucker_K12 Muaj më parë
Can Google leave America to?
Reedy777 Muaj më parë
If only the rest of us were lucky enough to get Google out of our lives
Overpriced Spaghetti Strainer
Overpriced Spaghetti Strainer Muaj më parë
i hope your day got easier riley!
Ididsubmititalready S
Ididsubmititalready S Muaj më parë
Good. Google shouldn't ruin elections and overthrow governments.
Declan C-D
Declan C-D Muaj më parë
As an Australian I'm on Google's side... The conservative government here is hand in hand with monopolistic media companies (and every news paper in my state is owned by 1 company which are far right biased) , Google and ALnets creates a level playing which the media companies obviously don't like... And you tubers such as friendly jordies have been exposing the corruption of the conservative government,thats why they're trying to pass this new law
Zach B
Zach B Muaj më parë
The liberals are not conservatives, they are moderates.
Noel Snave
Noel Snave Muaj më parë
Lamo I got a google add lamo
Samuel Agius
Samuel Agius Muaj më parë
As an Australian, I think the situation if very funny, the entire school system is converting to digital and is relying almost entirely on google (google classroom, gmail, etc.) school starts again next week from the Christmas holiday and I kinda don't wanna go back, so watching the world burn around me isn't that big of a deal.
Forty Six & Two
Forty Six & Two Muaj më parë
No loss, get rid of Google please, don't fold to their boring threats. They are literal straight garbage made and ran by sociopaths. Use DuckDuckGo and other superior services that do not steal your data and sell it without your permission. If people would stop worshipping these corporations that are literally starting wars in other countries and killing millions of people using propaganda campaign's and censoring one side for the other, we would be able to have much better applications and various developers come forward without so much compromise. There are obvious exceptions so spare me the boring-parroted-rhetoric, we all have to use these platforms to speak out against and/or promote change, unfortunately, but this does not apply to the majority of users. Just do the best you can, one step at a time. Cheers
Zach B
Zach B Muaj më parë
Google search is better than duck duck go.
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Muaj më parë
does this channel belongs to linus too
I HAVE to use Bing now!?
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