AMD's pulling an Nvidia...

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0:00 IT'S MATH
0:19 AMD mining GPUs
1:23 Hackers look for vaccine info
2:18 Xbox controllers borked
3:08 Vessi Footwear
3:45 Super Nintendo World opening
4:12 iMac Pro discontinued
4:34 Razer Anzu glasses
5:05 Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer delayed
5:35 Xbox gets Chromium Edge browser

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Yoep Swank
Yoep Swank 8 ditë më parë
Honestly, for someone who's knowingly across the lake, i find "Vollgs-crunt", as you somewhat pronounce it, pretty darn spot-on xD
Ryzin 11 ditë më parë
Azrael Muaj më parë
You gotta love the support for corporations over people here. Yes, let's not hold AMD or NVIDIA to the fire for underproducing stock and for retailers not placing limits on the amount of product someone can buy. No, let's go after the people trying to improve their financial situation and trying to break the vicious cycle of wage slavery and poverty. A winning battle for sure!
Metal Videos
Metal Videos Muaj më parë
Volkskrant is a msm paper. Propaganda mostly. And stories about Russia and China are mostly fake. They say this kind of things to ride on the anti Russia and China bandwagon. Europe can't handle it just like America. Thst Russia and China do it better then the West.
10Web 2 muaj më parë
*"Dee Volks- k - Krant?" That was on another level :D*
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 2 muaj më parë
The hacks was to record the vaccines and follow all if them
bobby boucher
bobby boucher 2 muaj më parë
E=mc hammer
Makichika 2 muaj më parë
so microsoft try to make their console into a pc?
Anony Mous
Anony Mous 2 muaj më parë
Why don't AMD and NVIDIA kill the mining performance of all of their cards, then make mining specific cards ONLY for themselves? They'd be rich.
Bruce Cox
Bruce Cox 2 muaj më parë
any card that comes out will sell out within minutes, the SCALPERS just want to dry up the supply to max their profits. and the normal stores are tacking on a lot just to make a profit
Nohan Baloch
Nohan Baloch 2 muaj më parë
Why didn,t they just make Mining GPU so that we can buy a New GAMING GPU,,,,,
Ben R.
Ben R. 2 muaj më parë
You know Linus is tapping Colton booty in the closet. Or in the backseat of the Prius. Oh Canada. The Linus White boy booty group.
BoPe Control
BoPe Control 2 muaj më parë
4:33 when you see a girl who passed out in the back of the club
Raymond L
Raymond L 2 muaj më parë
F crypto currency they have ruined the gaming market.
Mitchell Brusseau
Mitchell Brusseau 2 muaj më parë
Personally if razor can actually also make them for prescription wearers like myself I would appreciate that because I have a pair of glasses with the blue blocker filter on it but it's not a pair of smart glasses would have preferred those but you know distribution or those being available is in short supply even with gocals by North being a product that's out there They haven't been manufacturing those lately and that's a canadian-based company and you know I've been waiting and waiting to get my pair and hopefully as a prescription
None 2 muaj më parë
Lol linugs secs tips pulseway was announced before this video
William Morgan
William Morgan 2 muaj më parë
He had an Iq of 60! IQ his Bases on minecharf stills. There was an usa/Canada/ProtoET, the avrage iq goes up buy 10 points tell 2001 then stanted falling but if your IQ was 130 in 1920, it would be your IQ your be 110 in 140, 90 in 1960, 80 in 2000, Millennial brook the IQ test becuse the text is so OLD IT test anyone that does not get the milk from almonds.(haha)
Khang Vinh
Khang Vinh 2 muaj më parë
AMD stocks: *gone, reduce to atom*
LC____Gaming 2 muaj më parë
euhhhh, hey Beavis....euhhhh ....did you grow a beard huhu..huhu....huhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuu
The_kevin1011 2 muaj më parë
bruh u fucking gamers dont get any frames gamers are just want to shoot people for nothing
The_kevin1011 2 muaj më parë
if i see the logo of my wallet i click on it
Sami Samir
Sami Samir 2 muaj më parë
Jesus is not a god, he is a prophet of allah and there is no god but allah
SweetPotato Sauce
SweetPotato Sauce 2 muaj më parë
You’re annoying who hired you should reconsider!
Sebastian Sandvik
Sebastian Sandvik 2 muaj më parë
Yeah, I'd buy those shoes... but they don't ship to Europe. Guess it's just another thing you can't buy in 2021.
David Rogers
David Rogers 2 muaj më parë
This gimmick of some no face person shouting from off camera is getting old. So many channels do this
Juan Cisneros
Juan Cisneros 2 muaj më parë
How often does Colton gets fired?
microcolonel 2 muaj më parë
Seems fine to me, as long as they don't sell disabled cards. The driver code on Linux seems to indicate that these SKUs have dead VCN and possibly dead DCN. If you want to game on them, that's great and all, you're going to need some other way to plug in a display.
CF Win
CF Win 2 muaj më parë
I thought both companies already had cards just for mining. They could even make the cards focus on specific crypto currencies so they could remove graphic features that are not needed.
Phennexion SC
Phennexion SC 2 muaj më parë
I LIKE COLTON! He does a great job.
The dude
The dude 2 muaj më parë
Are you the guy from Napoleon Dynamite?
Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus 2 muaj më parë
If you are a miner, why would you buy these cards? It removes any resale value.
smw freak
smw freak 2 muaj më parë
playstation controller joystick drift, xbox controllers unresponsive. Me: just go pc my dudes.
Duck Enforcement Agency
Duck Enforcement Agency 2 muaj më parë
It was just a matter of time.
hunter ofstad
hunter ofstad 2 muaj më parë
Pulling a Nividia*
R J 2 muaj më parë
Can you stop with the "cameraman" trying to be humorous and unnecessarily making remarks? Not funny and makes your videos look average.
jonbedet 2 muaj më parë
The pronunciation of "Volkskrant" was pretty spot on for a non-native Dutch speaker.
jonbedet 2 muaj më parë
Einstein was dyslexic so it actually kinda makes sense haha.
Stanley Fisher
Stanley Fisher 2 muaj më parë
Really Linus? Pulseway comercials? Wtf
Ibakecookiess 2 muaj më parë
i love colton
QWERTY is AWESOME 2 muaj më parë
And I get an Amd ad. Wow
Xavier Kidston
Xavier Kidston 2 muaj më parë
I agree with Linus’ take. Not at all about getting gamers GPUs. It’s entirely about preventing resale.
Shayan Peris
Shayan Peris 2 muaj më parë
You should stay out of politics on this channel man
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter 2 muaj më parë
spectral spectra
spectral spectra 2 muaj më parë
"Unfortunately the glasses are valued at 200" Me who bought my regular glasses for 250: that's a dam good price
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes 2 muaj më parë
Why is this guy still hired
Tyler 2 muaj më parë
You have a weird resemblance to Justin Gaethje
alex1 2 muaj më parë
Oh no it's been 5 hours, I need to charge my glasses
Marco Janssen
Marco Janssen 2 muaj më parë
Het is "De Volkskrant" . And that's in Dutch ;) XD XD
yo 2 muaj më parë
just imagine there an rtx 3070 in some random dude's pc who literally plays once a week for 1 hour cuz he's "TOO BUSY" doing nothing and thinks he's "Elon Musk" for not having "time". Sadge
Hassan Butt
Hassan Butt 2 muaj më parë
Why don't they just make mining gpu for miner and sell them these
Gameplay 2 muaj më parë
Chinus has taken all the hardware
AudioVisual 2 muaj më parë
The very quiet background music is reeeeallly annoying in this one imho, quite distracting and beepy at times
djwaters22 2 muaj më parë
Miners just get GPUs plus mining cards now. Thank you :)
HDTomo 2 muaj më parë
Tfw you put 1000 mining gpus to mine bitcoin
Cheesecake Patel
Cheesecake Patel 2 muaj më parë
Thumb nail should be at
Tarantula Ross
Tarantula Ross 2 muaj më parë
The description of a threw ball is the most American thing I've ever heard 🤣 loved it
Ian Visser
Ian Visser 2 muaj më parë
2:20 Actually tested, it's not the controllers, or the console, it's wifi interference, too many devices using the same channel.
Ian Visser
Ian Visser 2 muaj më parë
0:25 Uhm, no. They did that first with the RX 470s, I bought 6... Nobody wants to buy old gpus, they have excess chips, so they make mining cards (binned below low tier gpus, because no display out means it can have components that were flawed, disabled instead of trashing them). I hope they take my advice and start a pre-order system that allows Ryzen 5k owners to enter their serial key to get priority purchase on gpus. If miners abuse it, they sell more gpus, else the gamers who gain the most can get the gpus that were made for their cpus.
Michael Wong
Michael Wong 2 muaj më parë
His baby hands crack me up....😂
Attack8 2 muaj më parë
Hey, minecraft pigs don't have hunger, you should talk about something you know something about, like tech news
Carabineanu Razvan
Carabineanu Razvan 2 muaj më parë
Colton and Riley are such a nice host/heckler combo
NecroFlex 2 muaj më parë
Gamers: "Yo, controllers have issues, can ya look at it?" MS: "Yeah, sure, whatever" FIFA lootboxers: "Y is affected a lot and is ruining the game!" M$: "Oh shit, we're looking into it! DaddEA please don't hurt me :( "
ElTiOoO87 2 muaj më parë
Special report: you can use the browers on your xbox to play steam games, maybe that's why that news was so important mister Tech so called Linked
Jason Garfitt
Jason Garfitt 2 muaj më parë
Mining specific cards don't help anyone. It uses us silicon and process time that could be spent on gaming cards, they lack resale value. Why do companies think they are a good idea?
munky82 2 muaj më parë
Since this is a daily tech news show, maybe you guys should date stamp your video titles. Coolest would be the start of the title, so this video would be "210309 - AMD's pulling an Nvidia...". I know google date stamp them also, but at a glance it just says 1 year ago. So it could be any day a year ago, and I know one can also sort by upload date. But if you follow a story through the months like the Apple vs Epic saga, the date stamps can help a lot for somebody out of the loop trying to catch up.
Ashen 2 muaj më parë
Russians doesn't need a "vaccine" data, because we already had it for, like, 30 years. What's a point to "steal" already expired data?
TechPimp 2 muaj më parë
Belinda the singer is pinned on your calendar phone for today?
Måns 2 muaj më parë
1:09 well HELLO Uncle roger!
TechPimp 2 muaj më parë
Are you crazy Vessi shoes cost $155 for these akward name branded shoes. So if no water goes on will my sweat of my sweety get get trapped too?
Levi Pama
Levi Pama 2 muaj më parë
0:33 just spotted some recommended (the girl)
komeon 2 muaj më parë
"Have you even held a bit coin" How you going to buy something in a power cut... or When the infrastructure is so run down and inflation so rampant that fixing power grid makes it not viable. Yep, worlds shaping up for electronic cash only. Its cheaper, not costs in transporting or converting it or staffing to exchange it. All online. But here's the kicker folks. Me being old school. I use cash there splat there it is. No worrying did my partner use the money in that account to pay bills early for a discount. No extra transaction fee's Its not money im using that i don't have to spend. like you would from a debit card and then pay interest back on. Real cash is one of the easiest ways to save, you see every dollar you spend as it pass's through your hands. No easy payment method click add to carts and oh its gone at the end of the month did i really spend that much.. Moreover When that Eftpos is out, as I've seen happen in the last several Christmas's and even a Easter, guess who skips the queue of people waiting who only brought their card with them.. Shopping at those times at the busiest times is stressful enough as it is. You cant even get money out to pay that parking fee to exit the car park lol. Me no problems, straight to the front of the q ALL get what i need and out. Wow you mean you wrote all this tldr stuff to explain how having real cash saved you a few times. No i wrote it cos when everything is electronic and cash isn't in society, that you will be woefully dependant on others and those others constraints, be it infrastructure or legal. It wont matter how much you have over there or in this or in that. If you don't have it on you to trade for whatever it is you need or want, that currencies availability relies on others, then youre not in control of your purchasing power or any given situation, which could happen at any second. Imagine if the Eftpos gets hacked it loses millions per minute. Block chains work from processing transactions best as i can find out, the wiki is really most vague and many miners dont even know, I HAVE ASKED 7 of THEM, all they see is more more more free money mine mine or trade trade, and they get down right shitty and persnickety when asked. Even streamers are all like aww but but no we give trading advice here.. Sir you don't know who's funding at the base level of that trade! How can you trade which is much predictive as anything.. You don't know what your trading with. You know what your trading but not from who funds it or how there funds are. Can have 50 trillion whatever. IT DOESNT matter if the source cant back that up. or If its locked up in legal or method of transfer. Trading a finite amount of an infinite resource hmm ok. When you try to have a decent conversation and ask, who is behind paying and fund the crypto coins. Not the providers that throw on the transaction fees and allow access for money any given various crypto currencies. But the $ about who pays for the cash that goes towards mining at the block chain level. Where does there money come from. Names and numbers, where is their cash coming from. None could answer and these were seasoned second gen miners, as in boom bust survivors. There's no I can look up their financial history, their profit and loss % business mission statement even. That there is a red flag. If you're working for a business and you want to take out a big loan, you want to know you can pay it off and so does the lender.. But how do you know that, if you dont know whom you work for and what their prospects and income is. Its nothing but air. may as well call them Air Coins and Fatih coin and Im going to throw cash at something i have 0 information about its financial status, other than the faith that others put in it...
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby 2 muaj më parë
he pronounced volkskrant way better than i was expecting lmao
Numberofthings 2 muaj më parë
Riley or Linus only
black3chan 2 muaj më parë
AMD isn't pulling an Nvidia because they were NEVER YOUR FRIEND and they WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND. Their a company like Intel and Nvidia so yeah anybody that legit thinks that AMD won't do stupid shady shit is just next level Naive and needs to wake up and take the Red Pill and stop being a fanboy :D Don't be surprised if AMD decides to go back to marketing GPU's for gaming and set the price at $1500 like they did with the 295x2 back in 2014 which was THE FIRST GPU MARKETED FOR GAMING for the high price of $1500 :D 🔥🔥💵🔥💵🔥💵🔥💵🔥🔥
John Solo
John Solo 2 muaj më parë
Thomas Sears
Thomas Sears 2 muaj më parë
this just hurts gamers, Plenty of people are mining crypto with their gaming rig when theyre not using it for gaming to earn a bit of spare cash for PC parts
SilentVinyl 2 muaj më parë
pavcnik88 2 muaj më parë
When Techlinked is starte with commercial with Linus
Siyahamba 2 muaj më parë
Zee? I thought you were Canadian ;)
InfernosReaper 2 muaj më parë
Man, it'd be nice if crypto either died in a fire or was all replaced with a version that is *actually useful* to humanity
Chill Man
Chill Man 2 muaj më parë
If Einstein was so smart, why is he dead?
Wesley Mercer
Wesley Mercer 2 muaj më parë
The Minecraft pigs
KAYE zero
KAYE zero 2 muaj më parë
2:39 how original
Moi 2 muaj më parë
I like this Colton guy from Techlinked
Marshall Couch
Marshall Couch 2 muaj më parë
We need more Madison
Christian Chan
Christian Chan 2 muaj më parë
where is the video about AMD on the main channel, or all the AMD hate comments? bias much?
geblah187 2 muaj më parë
I was so hyped for watch dogs ... what a disappointment :(
Zank! 2 muaj më parë
This is a front for a speedrun to global warming
Rob Ore
Rob Ore 2 muaj më parë
only one tiny drawback with the anzu glasses is they make you look like a complete berk
RipDove Studio
RipDove Studio 2 muaj më parë
Blue Light filtering doesn't actually do anything, and is really silly when you know how color functions.
Ether 2 muaj më parë
An Nividia????
Aaron Moody
Aaron Moody 2 muaj më parë
Who on earth would trust a Vaccine produced in a county that a: created the virus in the first place, and b: A country that has no problem poisoning people in other countries. If I were a govt I wouldn't be buying anything from China or Russia with concerns to Virus Vaccines you could just never trust them to not pull a fast one and replace the Vaccine with a new version of CV19 or just use polonium to kill you off
grift.gfx 2 muaj më parë
I love how all these stooges pretend like they're not personally swimming in RTX 3000 cards.
Ryan .J
Ryan .J 2 muaj më parë
The last time a company said they're "actively working" to fix their controllers, was Nintendo. *AND WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE*
2012 should have been the apocalypse
2012 should have been the apocalypse 2 muaj më parë
His face kind of reminds me of those late 00's image movers mo-cap cartoons by Robert Zemeckis
Vince The Prince
Vince The Prince 2 muaj më parë
Guys its the scalpers not the miners doing the most damage
ryan chantre
ryan chantre 2 muaj më parë
“De volkskrant” as a dutch person i can say that was pretty guuudd. You could work on the krant part. The A has to be like your moaning😂
Christian Pönopp
Christian Pönopp 2 muaj më parë
I mine on the most disliked GPU the Radeon VII...this should be okay right? It's just as fast as a 3080 with 100MH...and it was cheap in December 2019...only 450USD 😂😂
Takaradope 2 muaj më parë
*Amd pulling a Nvidia
Péter Visi
Péter Visi 2 muaj më parë
Wait! No one told Colton yet he was fired years ago?
Stop Tweeting, Elon!!
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