"Unhackable" lol

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00:00 oh hey friend!!..?
0:09 RTX 3060 limiter unlocked
1:06 Chrome improves memory
2:12 Verizon expands 5G home internet
3:00 Drop Alt Mechanical Keyboard
3:45 Twitter blocks the word Memphis
4:20 Amazon expands gamification program
4:47 The FirstTechnoKing of Tesla
5:20 Sky Global is in trouble
5:59 Cheer mom deepfakes the other squad

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TDC flyer
TDC flyer 5 ditë më parë
06:19 Look at this prime example of a purebred Karen! It's the full package down to the hairstyle!
quick silver
quick silver 15 ditë më parë
1:05 gamers only? F off, mr. pro-crypto mining!
Eric Jackman
Eric Jackman 23 ditë më parë
As someone who was born in South Dakota and currently lives in North Carolina WTF IS MOON CHEESE
Azrael Muaj më parë
Could anyone explain to me how Nvidia's anti-mining practices *aren't* actually anti-consumer and a shirking of the responsibility they face for failing to meet product demands?
schlbus Muaj më parë
this is sad
Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy Muaj më parë
don't even have a 3060 and I downloaded the driver....just incase!
MaliceMike Muaj më parë
People getting 300mbs wireless and I'm getting 10mbs down .5mbs up with a WIRED connection. Fu ck you centurylink
Marcelo Velarde
Marcelo Velarde Muaj më parë
His haircut is cool
NightbotUHC Muaj më parë
Where the source about verzion coming to las vegas
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick Muaj më parë
If the United States Federal government is the dumbest bunch of idiots on the planet. I wonder how they're going to argue that selling an encrypted phone to a law-abiding citizen is okay, but somehow they're supposed to know if they're selling to a law breaker. It's time for a regime change.
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick Muaj më parë
3:50 Twitter "ACCIDENTLY" bans who used the word Memphis in their tweet. LTT laughs at this. No mention of just how far these Tech Giants go to censor and control the information that people see or share. Much like ALnets removing a video by Steven Crowder for "misinformation" on covid-19. Their explanation was that they do not allow misinformation that contradicts the WHO and the CDC authority in the subject.... The video showed clips of contradictory and incorrect statements by the World Health Organization and the CDC. The other example is from the website The Babylon Bee. The New York times as well as CNN and others have been pushing to have the website banned for misinformation. If you didn't know, it's a satirical site. It was cited as an example of right wing misinformation. The rumor has it that CNN claims there's only room for one misinformation website on the internet and it's CNN.
Phobia Muaj më parë
Memphian here. Our city deserves to be banned from Twitter.
Latenight Muaj më parë
Bs nvdia leaked the drivers
Tim C
Tim C Muaj më parë
Riley’s just non hyper-religious flanders
ֆʟʊռӄ Muaj më parë
I am switching to console this year after decades on the PC.. My GPU is 5 yrs old and I don't see being able to find one yet alone afford the inflated scalper prices for one when my GPU finally dies. RIP PC master race...
William Hendrick
William Hendrick Muaj më parë
Don't Support LMG, If Linus does not like what you say in a super chat he is an absolute asshole instead of just disagreeing with you.
Bini Joe
Bini Joe Muaj më parë
This is total bs they leaked it themselves marketing 101
Th3DESTROYER 777 Muaj më parë
That driver to dosent let you use Msi afterburner
twertygo Muaj më parë
All the love for Madison, but that ad made me miss Max as a product modleler :(
H Muaj më parë
Riley hosting techlinked are made favourite techlinked episodes
Amilio Muaj më parë
Did you say 40 megahashes... PER SECOND!?!?!
QuillnLgnd Muaj më parë
NVIDIA should add newer driver for RTX 3060 that it says "improve Hash rate" but the actual purpose is the opposite of that by limit the hash rate. It would be a big brain move after their mistake.
Lil Homo
Lil Homo Muaj më parë
the dude in the background shouting and adding stupid unnecesary comments to fucking everything is really abboying, almost makes the video unwatchable
Loris Berny
Loris Berny Muaj më parë
0:59 no... no I don't think I will
vazdef Muaj më parë
Chris Baker
Chris Baker Muaj më parë
Any company:"Unhackable!!" the world: "challenge accepted".
Nero Muaj më parë
There was also a player in the french football league that has Memphis as his first name
Ebsolas Muaj më parë
I'm just going to say this. But there's a 99% chance the RAM savings came from the Microsoft side of things. And no, I don't mean windows. MS is helping develop chromium.
Peacemaker 4 Real
Peacemaker 4 Real Muaj më parë
i read that on monday X-) lame!
NGore-de Muaj më parë
He even got a hippters Twitter name! @theRikeys
Robbie Ward
Robbie Ward Muaj më parë
It's like getting Tech News from Norm Mcdonald. I'm in no way mad about it, carry on.
Jason M
Jason M Muaj më parë
Tells us about a new version of a keyboard and then the last few images are of the old version....
Kristian Töll
Kristian Töll Muaj më parë
Why cant Miners buy a GPU or Mine at all with new GPU? I mean its common sense, Miners buy cards, so Nvidia sells more. More sells = cheaper price after all
Plazma2 Muaj më parë
Nothing is unhackable, simple as that.
TechPimp Muaj më parë
Best opening ever, you finally get it.
Devin DeShun
Devin DeShun Muaj më parë
Dry rub ribs???? What is this? The north??
NGeoHP Muaj më parë
I work for amazon ... the FC games look bad
Thorlz Muaj më parë
Still FAF after all this time..🤣
AFK Muaj më parë
I love how 50% of Tech news is just the hosts arguing with the writing staff's script
KAIMERA PRIME Muaj më parë
real question is she can use deepfakes but not a vpn lol.
nword boi
nword boi Muaj më parë
unhackable lol
Christopher Mainland
Christopher Mainland Muaj më parë
Ah techno King, I read it as tech knoking . 🤣
Zach Muaj më parë
Worst ever internet that I have personally used. No data cap because you don't get ANY without paying per gig. It is super slow (thank goodness because at $15 a gig it gets expensive fast)
terry ruiz
terry ruiz Muaj më parë
i just got my 3060 today and theyll be no mining on this card.
MaPorcaTrotaATutti Muaj më parë
Amazing how we have 2.5 Gbs connections here in Italy (at about 35 usd a month mind you, no GB limit) while you are still stuck at max 1Gbs
Adem Foster
Adem Foster Muaj më parë
@MaPorcaTrotaATutti I used to live in France and I was content with 40mbps, now I'm in the US with 1gpbs and I barely see the use for it except when I download games or movies
MaPorcaTrotaATutti Muaj më parë
@Adem Foster it's just funny, i remeber when 1Gps connections started popping up in the USA... I was a kid, and it took some time for those type of speeds to become mainstream here but damn! American connections have really stalled since than.
Adem Foster
Adem Foster Muaj më parë
Lol overkill much ?
Tom Görtz
Tom Görtz Muaj më parë
Everything can be hacked, and everyone. -Sombra, seeing the Future since 2017.
The Agamer
The Agamer Muaj më parë
Wow google, nice move Just when I switched to brave
94Temimi Muaj më parë
Takes 20% less memory, so it's only going to take 70% now. Nice.
Tech Altitude
Tech Altitude Muaj më parë
Good one #techaltitude
DecMK Muaj më parë
Tech news!
Louis Horvath
Louis Horvath Muaj më parë
Amazon had to write "enter" and "exit" in front of that warehouse because everyone was so confused. 4:20
Dyush Experience
Dyush Experience Muaj më parë
I actually didn't know it was quick bits after all
Franck Oduba
Franck Oduba Muaj më parë
where does riley get his glasses?
Denny O
Denny O Muaj më parë
Riley: "you just like me for my tech news?" Me, who watches tech news only of Riley is hosting it: "am I a joke to you?" 😂
Jerad Berry
Jerad Berry Muaj më parë
talking about Memphis was a false positive because it was sports related.. but if it wasn't, why df should that get you banned? what in the fake news is that??!
Nafis Ibrahim
Nafis Ibrahim Muaj më parë
What's up Riley?
Sick Lizard
Sick Lizard Muaj më parë
You look like Flanders.
Asanda Muaj më parë
Hold up so the driver magically appeared than disappeared. I'm no Sherlock Holmes but there's a high probability Nvidia released it on purpose.
Ofir Aviv
Ofir Aviv Muaj më parë
Arib Ansari
Arib Ansari Muaj më parë
Chrome : "Good news for ya programmers"
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh Muaj më parë
if it was unhackable it would be a gameguy
Zoran Đurđić
Zoran Đurđić Muaj më parë
Well, its time for more MADISON. Linus - You are simply better with her - in the front of camera like a duet or like a back ground vocal. Trust me Im 56 (my doughter is graphic designer your ages) and im in this multimedia business ... so many years ( ..... but never too old to rock and roll If you're too young to die) :) My English is not so wery well but I hope You understand me. Greetings from Split
Boosted Doge
Boosted Doge Muaj më parë
SlovenMalaphor Muaj më parë
6:12 Mom just mad cause she doesn't have any lips. Or eyebrows.
Hospitaller Knight
Hospitaller Knight Muaj më parë
"Unhackable"? Man, Nvidia can kiss my broke ass.
arctic _axe
arctic _axe Muaj më parë
Nvidias graphics cards are anti bitcoinable Me:proceeds to download a fuck ton of apps probably holding a bitcoin miner
John B
John B Muaj më parë
FAKE NEWS. Technically it's still broke. Unless your rig has has a motherboard with 20 PCIe x16 slots, you are stuck with running the card at the throttled rate. NOT FIXED! Thoughts?
Patrik Neuman
Patrik Neuman Muaj më parë
Dont worry riley im your friend
John Pereira
John Pereira Muaj më parë
Since when does Hartford get things like 5G before places like NYC?
Someoneelse Muaj më parë
Even more videos to hype your new sponsor the cryptominer... Go stand in the corner with the cone on your head Linus, shame... shame...
Nordamerikanische Fußball
Nordamerikanische Fußball Muaj më parë
Who is this guy he sounds like Linus but he’s not Linus
AlexRVX8 Muaj më parë
Wait you're not M-dog
Henrik Lahn Andersen
Henrik Lahn Andersen Muaj më parë
To the question "What is Elon doing" - The answer is basically always "Having fun with screwing with people". Elon sends picture of dog "OMG BUY DOGECOINS NOOOOWWWWW ELON SAID SO!!!!" ... Elon sends picture of "Oh no more Lemmings" "OMG JUMP OFF THAT CLIFF NOOOWWWWWW ELON SAID SO!!!!!" ... LOL fucking hilarious. Elon is like a less evil, more humorous Lex Luther! HAHAHAHA "Technoking" ... and people fucking report on it?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... Stop it you are making my stomach hurt from laughing! The fact that he said it is actually not funny at all - the fact that you spend time on it is fucking mind-numbingly hilarious! Good for you Elon our Supreme Galactic Leader! LOL alnets.info/work/o5mua7y3ymuW3W0/video.html&ab_channel=HatGaming alnets.info/work/a56reanJtmuTp3Y/video.html&ab_channel=OliverSherlock
Josh Watson
Josh Watson Muaj më parë
If Nvidia handnt said anything and just released the card with the limiter miners would've seen its performance and though "well this is shit, screw this" and threw the cards out
A. Sanford
A. Sanford Muaj më parë
People use Chrome on purpose?
Yaaboi Dennis
Yaaboi Dennis Muaj më parë
Tech linked: mining? stop it Linus: mine while u still can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Zsolt Muaj më parë
More info about 3060 xd, lets kill nvidia
Mahmut Pekkara
Mahmut Pekkara Muaj më parë
ngl title and thumbnail got me
Zine eddine
Zine eddine Muaj më parë
''300mbps ?.... Meh'' damn americans
Josh Colburn
Josh Colburn Muaj më parë
I live in Kentucky, and it is not pronounced as what you just said Louisville, UGGGHHHHHHH. Its pronounced as Lou-full. A lot of non Kentucky people get it wrong lol.
Samuel Benedicic
Samuel Benedicic Muaj më parë
I love Riley for his charmin personality he displays on videos he is forerunner in, as well as if the side character - they hardly are different, he knows when to be in front and when in the sideshow! Intelect and charm, than I can say. Not just tech news! Plus the hairdo and moustache. Such a daddy revival :P
Celesnix Muaj më parë
mr john
mr john Muaj më parë
So what happened in Memphis that Twitter don't want us to know about 🤔
Carl Muaj më parë
News alert, it wasn't the mom. She just took the rap, like a dope.
James Pegg
James Pegg Muaj më parë
As someone from South Dakota I’m insulted
mmiikkeeb14 Muaj më parë
Oh that's why chrome is a total crap the last couple days xD
Smedley Headley Games
Smedley Headley Games Muaj më parë
You know I click the video. But ima go to the Google thing. I've never had a problem with Chrome and I'm notorious for have 20 tabs open on multiple cromes open as well. But thats 32gbs of ram for you
Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton Muaj më parë
oops there was a fake n*p slip in the vid.
Alkaris Muaj më parë
Unhackable iPhone from Apple with the M1 chip. Marketing Scam: M1 iPhone 100% UnHackable!
Issac E Howard Jr
Issac E Howard Jr Muaj më parë
Sounds like a muffled linus in the background. lol Ah, common... dodge ball!!!
Erik Schiegg
Erik Schiegg Muaj më parë
Stay cool and keep on couponing for your card. You need a monitor connected to mine with the beta driver.
Cookie__XD Muaj më parë
Nothing is unhackable... Some things are just more difficult to hack. Some are so difficult to hack that the effort would not be worth it... You could call those "basically unhackable".
turbo qzma
turbo qzma Muaj më parë
Keyboard without functional keys is unfunctional keyboard.
Eric Epperson
Eric Epperson Muaj më parë
sure NVIDIA "accidently" released that driver
ookadoo 2 muaj më parë
2:56 I'm not saying anything...
Mweh 2 muaj më parë
Not Sure
Not Sure 2 muaj më parë
At least you're using cute nerd chicks to "bad act" now. It's an improvement. Thanks! MOAR CUTE NERD CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!
GemoTourixFr 2 muaj më parë
I like you all but; more Madison please
Jeremy Jarvis
Jeremy Jarvis 2 muaj më parë
Elon Musk is a treasure!
Agent Of Entropy
Agent Of Entropy 2 muaj më parë
Riley is starting to look more and more like Will Arnett
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