Time for payback, Apple...

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0:00 Linus fishin for compliments
0:10 RTX 3060 limiter hacked EVEN MORE
1:09 Brazil hits Apple with $2M fine
2:05 Cherry low-profile mechanical switches
3:15 Dollar Shave Club
4:01 Dolby Vision for Xbox Series X/S
4:30 Acer hit with ransomware
4:56 Apple discontinues two iMac models
5:37 Windows 10 printer problems fixed
6:04 Cyberpunk patch to fix cops

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izBUDDYiz 14 ditë më parë
Who else thought he meant kids when he said minors instead of crypto minors
Ben Gilliam
Ben Gilliam 19 ditë më parë
Borderlions 3
Joshua C.
Joshua C. 20 ditë më parë
Am I the only one that noticed a headline next to the one about the printer patch having a "Microsoft panics and cancels the emergency printer patch" in the sidebar?
cooky monster66
cooky monster66 23 ditë më parë
tredogzs 24 ditë më parë
lol, I do remember that no one buying iphone clickbait video, I left a comment on that bull crap... lol
son goku
son goku 27 ditë më parë
a linus advertisement about honey while watching one of linus's videos. how perfect is that?
Diego Nei de Brito Santos
Diego Nei de Brito Santos 29 ditë më parë
7 x 1 xD
Yannis Sotiriadis
Yannis Sotiriadis 29 ditë më parë
The moment the software came out I thought yeah right someone will figure it out with a plug in hdmi.
Ail Fawka
Ail Fawka Muaj më parë
Apple products are trash....
Petabyte The Protogen
Petabyte The Protogen Muaj më parë
Whats two million to apple? That's pocket change to them, as having a networth of 2 trillion and making well over 2 million a day
Artur Gomes
Artur Gomes Muaj më parë
Aww man, every 7x1 reference stills hurts
Kilo Renn
Kilo Renn Muaj më parë
MuchoTaco Muaj më parë
Apple fucking consumers over, not surprising 😒
nope! Muaj më parë
physical switches....absolute wayne! low tech from the 80s
Bamba Clart
Bamba Clart Muaj më parë
Spit beard
Inservio Muaj më parë
02:47 No Linus, it's DELL. Alienware is gone. You can't just buy a veteran's uniform and pass yourself off as one.
RVS Satyaditya
RVS Satyaditya Muaj më parë
Oh my lord lioness. You've been mining ever since?
MrCurry Usman
MrCurry Usman Muaj më parë
What is linus’s hair
Ongeri Muaj më parë
BRA71L 😜
Hannibal Hector
Hannibal Hector Muaj më parë
Why did I just now get a notification for this?
Mário Busato
Mário Busato Muaj më parë
Well after win 5 times world cup what is 7x1
João Artur Santos
João Artur Santos Muaj më parë
I’m Brazilian and the Germany comment got to me.
General Chris Gaming
General Chris Gaming Muaj më parë
You know who else says no.... dollar save club to bad hygiene...... good enough yo let me in on them segways lol
Boden Ständig
Boden Ständig Muaj më parë
Just how many different channels does this guy have?
Mike Muaj më parë
Yes I am an Apple shill. But what boggles my mind is that they 1. Don’t include a charger with the newest iPhone 2. The iPad, MacBook have USB C 3. The iPhone charger is USB C one ONE SIDE, NOT THE SIDE THAT SHOULD BE. 4. The new Apple Watch SE comes WITH a charger.... and it’s USB A. I get it that you’re trying to cut down e waste but for god sales figure it the fuck out which direction you’re taking your products. If this was really the case absolutely everything you sell would have USB C. Get with the times Apple.
Pr04basher Muaj më parë
The thing with the chargers is that Apple hase a point there... At some point of time everyone of us has enough chargers at their place. Of course it is a money decision for Apple... but it might be something that has to happen someday. For people who might think that I'm just a Apple Fanboy: I never had a device from Apple and I would not want one.
Philipp Beckonert
Philipp Beckonert Muaj më parë
: It's unhackable but not unpluggable :D
Everything Potato
Everything Potato Muaj më parë
None of the phones come with a charging adapter anymore as a matter of fact.
Leandro Matos
Leandro Matos Muaj më parë
Please, don't mention the 1X7 against Germany. At home. In the world cup. It is a low blow!
Cris Sto
Cris Sto Muaj më parë
Huh alienware still exists
TobesThePoet Muaj më parë
Linus - "Police won't be appearing out of thin air anymore..." Riley - "Just like in real life." --- What a way to start my day ahaha
A Slemmer
A Slemmer Muaj më parë
Poor brazil even canadians know the 7-1 pounding
Tim Lind Barrero
Tim Lind Barrero Muaj më parë
Cannot help but feel Canadians cannot pronounce miners, it sounds like minors...
gziKmdDFrg Muaj më parë
the fine should have been $2 trillion, apple can pay it
RUNNING_INTHE 90SA Muaj më parë
welcome to brazil apple
Hawker Commentates
Hawker Commentates Muaj më parë
3:07 The entirety of r/mk just got mad. Well with the exception of tactile gang. #tactilegangriseup
Pedro Miranda
Pedro Miranda Muaj më parë
Brazil is the land of scammers, apple cant scam us...
Brian teixeira
Brian teixeira Muaj më parë
take that APPLE hauhauhau, greetings from Brasil 🇧🇷
Yashiro Muaj më parë
Cherry: shows off low profile switches Gatern and Kailh: **hasitly taking notes**
kingssman2 Muaj më parë
Thanks Tech Linked on that Microsoft Update issue with printers. My company uses a post office mail system hooked to an industrial mailer and that windows update broke our mailing software. We went from mailing 70,000 items down to only being able to mail 2,300 items before the buffer issue caused the software to freeze and restart. Needless to say, tech support for that software was having a bad day. "Sir, microsft pushed an update and it broke our software.... world wide"
AwesoMarron Muaj më parë
I could almost hear Brazilians clicking the thumbs down button @ 2:00
Sebastian J
Sebastian J Muaj më parë
mikky d
mikky d Muaj më parë
I liked it when he was doing 7 0
Wandy Wexler Weslon
Wandy Wexler Weslon Muaj më parë
If apple wanted to reduce e waste, they should go with an industry standard charger over their own BS proprietary one that they overcharge for.
context Muaj më parë
*Hears dummy plug* end of evangelion 😰
Ryan Lin
Ryan Lin Muaj më parë
Wow its been 7 years and Brazil is still getting Germany jokes
jordan secrist
jordan secrist Muaj më parë
The laptop is 1950 if you don’t upgrade anything but the cherry keyboard. It comes with an i7 and a 3060 with 16gb of ram, a 256gb nvme, and a fhd 144hz screen. Given the stupid prices for hardware that’s actually a good deal. You get 2 more nvme slots to add more storage. Thunderbolt 3, sd card reader. If only it wasn’t ugly.
BB W Muaj më parë
he looks better :D
nicksjuice69 Muaj më parë
wow a whole 2 million dollars
NothingXemnas Muaj më parë
Linus: speaks of Brazil Me: ayyy thats us! Also Linus: speaks of our match against Germany Me: ...not cool, Linus, that was not cool Funny enough, i didnt even know that was happening! AND I LIVE IN THAT FREAKING STATE!
outBound inBound
outBound inBound Muaj më parë
isnt 2 million like pocket lint for apple ?
Michael Coy
Michael Coy Muaj më parë
Seriously they sell phones without a charger? Wtf is that noise?
Ian Weber
Ian Weber Muaj më parë
I mean, if you’ve been collecting iPhones for long enough then it’s not like you’ll have dozens lying around or anything...
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson Muaj më parë
4:38 50 million dollars? Who they think they kidnapped? Chelsea Clinton??
George Indestructible
George Indestructible Muaj më parë
You know....this CB police thing has been so dumb...i have found a way to get into a place where the game wouldn't actually allow you to, and they still spawn there is literally no limitation....
Robot Muaj më parë
2:24 it looks like they spent more time making that video than actually developing the key switches
Bilada Alada
Bilada Alada Muaj më parë
1:19 I heard brazil. QUEM OUSA NOS SUMONAR?
Cyandrix Muaj më parë
My 15 year old laptop filled with toast crums sound way better than any cherry mx switches!
EBDubs Muaj më parë
custom keyboard people be like low profile switches
Random Muaj më parë
I'm sorry but Cherry is an overprice garbage compared to what we have in the market.
AJ Pineno
AJ Pineno Muaj më parë
Samsung does the same thing😂
arpatech Muaj më parë
That World Cup shot really hurts. #7x1RIP
Justin Gaudet
Justin Gaudet Muaj më parë
Ultra low profile tactile switches... aren't all ultra low profile switches tactile? tactile bump=bottoming out
Dax Hensley
Dax Hensley Muaj më parë
"Un-hackable" I seriously cant believe a tech company said that with a straight face.
あかつきレヴィ Muaj më parë
Anyone: Brazil Brazilians: *breaks through wall* ALGUEM CHAMOU?????
craig brower
craig brower Muaj më parë
Printers are fucking useless
LegendaryLinc07 Muaj më parë
Lucas Garcia
Lucas Garcia Muaj më parë
I'm from Sao Paulo and i fell kind angry with that germany joke, please do more.
Brian Muaj më parë
Apple has seriously stooped to new lows, I was given this Beats Pill+ (apple edition) for free since it takes a lighting port for charging and at the time I had an iphone (8). Well once I got sick of apples sh*t, I upgraded to a Galaxy S20 FE this year, and when I go to pair to the bluetooth speaker.. it says I need an app to pair it... uhm ok.. so I download the beats app, you have to agree to all these terms, now what does the app do? NOTHING, all it does is allow you to pair to your bluetooth speaker lol. Now where it gets really bad.. I was having trouble pairing it and I couldnt figure out why.. it pairs to my iPad just fine. Well after trying everything. I tried selecting "send data to apple and allow apple to collect info from your phone". Since I originally had it on "do not send data", and what do you know... BAM, now all of a sudden it works flawlessly... seems like apple is still finding ways to leech your data even when you own an android phone... Stay away from Beats, they've been tainted by the poison apple.
Ed Mqz
Ed Mqz Muaj më parë
For anyone wondering: Germany absolutely destroyed Brazil 7-1 in the 2014 World Cup semifinals held in ...Brazil lol
Islander 95
Islander 95 Muaj më parë
Everybody gonna order iphones from brazil
Mr Liquid Devil
Mr Liquid Devil Muaj më parë
a 2 million dollar fine for a multi trillion dollar company? thats good news guys
Eddy Machado Neto
Eddy Machado Neto Muaj më parë
Low blow on brazil Linus... Low blow...
Joshua Giesler
Joshua Giesler Muaj më parë
Wow. That World Cup 2014 reference was lit.
Abubakr Abualnassr
Abubakr Abualnassr Muaj më parë
7-1 vibes here 01:58 maybe brazil's fight against apple will go a littel better than that time they had to... played Germany😂😂😂
LaroTayoGaming Muaj më parë
yay, it's "unhackable"
Animaster Muaj më parë
Didn't the Predator 21X have Cherry switches?
Totel Recall
Totel Recall Muaj më parë
Nonone gonna comment on the spit?
ejonesss Muaj më parë
you look fine to me also there is a thing called photoshop where they can frame by frame paint the shine off your nose instead of powdering your nose for example. why is there the limiter? a gpu isnt like. a radio transmitter where you can blow the rf amplifier if you try to transmit without the antenna connected because you will cause a swr overload.
Brock Stathem
Brock Stathem Muaj më parë
After Cyberpunk 2077 I will never buy a game without seeing the review 1st. BTW the community has done a better job fixing the game than the actual company that made it!
Diggerfdf Muaj më parë
Huge, huge market, but phones costs huge, huge prices... And one more info. It Rains a LOT around here. If you say something will resist rain, it better be. My old Samsung note 4 is completely, 100% waterproof. You just place it inside a ziploc, inside a waterproof nylon sac. Can withstand storms and floods...
x Jaffa Cake
x Jaffa Cake Muaj më parë
if Riley is going to shout out in the background why not just give him a mic, can hardly hear what hes saying half the time.
Andrew Danesi
Andrew Danesi Muaj më parë
I'm an IT assistant for a medical provider, printing is a way of life in this business and when that Windows update hit, my supervisor and I thought we were hit with some kind of virus. I almost convinced my boss to switch everything over to redhat
Sir Peerfekt
Sir Peerfekt Muaj më parë
Linus spitting facts... 3:04
AskedLeech30 Muaj më parë
4:11 borderlines 3?
Wanna Know
Wanna Know Muaj më parë
Would h 8-2 be Brazillian...
Felipe Muaj më parë
3:02 that spit chunk on your beard was really overdone. Way to do it!
Tree Kicker
Tree Kicker Muaj më parë
Ransomware attackers should be careful these big corporations don't hire a "fixer" to take care of the issue.
SHA THAAN Muaj më parë
superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur Muaj më parë
Video title was changed from "Pay up, Apple!"
Ja Da
Ja Da Muaj më parë
Linus should always wear a mask 3:03
Filipe Soares
Filipe Soares Muaj më parë
Everyday is a different 7x1 in Brazil... 1250 USD for a base iphone 12 mini. for that price they could include a charger and the energy bill for 6 months.
XSportSeeker Muaj më parë
As a brazilian, I almost didn't get the Germany reference.... because I also don't give a shit about soccer. xD Also, because of ridiculous currency exchange rate and total devaluement of our currency, that 2 mil fine is actually closer to 12 mil in our currency... xD which is still chump change for Apple, but you know. I also kinda called this was going to happen when the whole story blew up. You see, the eWaste justification might work in countries where Apple has been a major player for long and everyone and their grandma has an Apple charger stuck at the back of some drawer, but for a huge part of the world where Apple have always held a minority share (something like 13% in Brazil for those curious), and the devices are literally priced on the high luxury category, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You know how much an iPhone 12 base model costs here? 8 thousand reais. You know what the minimum wage is in Brazil? A thousand and change a month. Yup. Not that I empathize much with people buying Apple in Brazil, but you bet people spending that much on a phone are gonna get ultra pissed here when they find out they have to cash in more for an ac adapter... which will also be outrageously overpriced due to currency exchange rates and importation taxes. Thus, the lawsuit. Here, Apple is pissing off the exact sort of people able to also move consumer protection based lawsuits like that... while the rest of the country is dying because of health system collapse and poor Covid 19 prevention planning, sluggish vaccination, and a political trend of denialism, of course.
Shawn Muaj më parë
3:04 cute
Luke Webster
Luke Webster Muaj më parë
@2:05 Microsoft branded membrane keyboard from my childhood ftw
Eric Wood
Eric Wood Muaj më parë
I haven't seen an iPhone since then, either!
Lionel Harris
Lionel Harris Muaj më parë
Dude... clean your mirror!!!! 3:51
Riley Coyote
Riley Coyote Muaj më parë
Did anyone else see linus spit on himself when shouting, tactile😆. Say it, dont spray it man
Alex Unruh
Alex Unruh Muaj më parë
Sounds like 194 MH/S is not much at all
Alan Jurisich
Alan Jurisich Muaj më parë
When Linus says "no, bad segway"... I want to know about that segway
John Ashley
John Ashley Muaj më parë
The most interesting thing here is the cherry switches. Imagine in the near future, cherry switches are as common in laptops as they are on mechanical keyboards. repair and changing out laptop keyboards and switches might get a whole lot cheaper and easier.
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