BANNED! Who's next...

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0:00 please understand
0:06 Social Media bans Trump + co
1:21 Early CES 2021 stuff
2:09 Whatsapp + Facebook data
2:57 Honey
3:42 Apple talks with Hyundai
4:05 RTX 3060 Ultra
4:29 Switch Pro
4:55 Roku acquires Quibi

Social media platforms ban Trump until inauguration
Twitter permanently suspends him
but bans Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell
ALnets temporarily bans accounts who post election fraud videos
Reddit removes r/donaldtrump
Twitch takes down Pogchamp emote
More CES stuff
Acer 4K 144Hz HDR400 monitor
Sony 2021 TVs all have Google TV
Next Nest Hub could use Project Soli to track sleep
JLAbs open air speakers glasses clip
ArcX wearable joystick
Turn on Fog with your voice in Kohler’s smart bath
Whatsapp has actually shared data with Facebook for years
Elon Musk is now the wealthiest man in the world
Says to use Signal
Apple’s talking to Hyundai and other car makers about self-driving electric car
RTX 3060 Ultra with 12GB, regular with 6GB
Switch Pro reference found in code
Roku acquires Quibi content

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Lynstaor 2 ditë më parë
Ben M
Ben M 12 ditë më parë
Trump won the Election
humanity is overrated I am always wrong
humanity is overrated I am always wrong 22 ditë më parë
i like the way social media banned Trump because "he tells too much lies" while it is them allow those lies spread a ex president tell lie is not ok but a sitting on can do whatever they want🤣
Cam Bartelmey
Cam Bartelmey Muaj më parë
arent deaths and casualties the same thing..?
Sosa Kinkos
Sosa Kinkos Muaj më parë
Who’s next? You are
Animesh Kashyap
Animesh Kashyap Muaj më parë
Honey website is not even available in all countries.
robbin mcoley
robbin mcoley Muaj më parë
So much better than linus......Much better to look at an listen to......Soz linus but you should have listened to the man who watercooled a home pc first.......a Cyrix.....
RevDemon Muaj më parë
Down with big tech
MachuManOfLegends Muaj më parë
I feel like an old man feeling “member when internet is free speech” but then again, nothing is free. I wonder whats a good youtube alternative
jaffabeast Muaj më parë
I’m going to search docking on the internet... oh!
Incognis Reviews
Incognis Reviews Muaj më parë
That's all well and fun, but I need to know if Walter's Knick-knack shop is ran in a VAN down by the river...and if Walter has a striking resemblance to Chris Farley.
owo グーチmoshi
owo グーチmoshi Muaj më parë
I hear they had calculator and phone dialer on their phones so we need to ban them
Glenn Muaj më parë
Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas Muaj më parë
Trump Streamer, Trump Streamer
archiul Muaj më parë
is "blatantly lying to the populace using one of the most prestigious position of power as leverage" freedom of speech? it isn't. it's incredibly unethical and irresponsible. it also damages the democratic process. I really tried hard to be mad at social media companies about this, but doesn't someone should stand up to the clusterfuck he spawned out of his ass? why the fuck are we giving politicians this much leeway when it comes to lying? dude straight up lied and destroyed a huge chunk of his countries' trust in the democracy. his lawyers didn't even claim fraud under the threat of perjury because they knew this was bullshit. this isn't ok. he shouldn't get away with this.
Dragan Andelkovic
Dragan Andelkovic Muaj më parë
Whoever made the subtitles and wrote parkers instead of poggers is unpoggers
Henry Adam Lopez
Henry Adam Lopez Muaj më parë
Ever hear about Telegram?
User Muaj më parë
We need stronger freedom of speech laws. Having corporations control our expressions and thoughts is downright insane. We need better protections for citizens!
Bended Jorgensen
Bended Jorgensen Muaj më parë
Legal votes are too expensive for the tech and capitals. They finally find a way to get cheat votes. Ban!!!!!!!
Hello, My Name is
Hello, My Name is Muaj më parë
Don't imagine, actually read them before you report. You will see that it did NOT incite violence at all. But because you are suppose to think it did, it was. idiots.
Sheldon Irving
Sheldon Irving Muaj më parë
But a google TV can ban you when your watching the game and all your friends are over drinking beer.... just saying
Rasmus Österlind
Rasmus Österlind Muaj më parë
So. What is the difference between Deaths and casualties?. Because 5 deaths and a dozen of casualties? Around 0:17
Joachim Sölva
Joachim Sölva Muaj më parë
Suspension? Im not a Trump guy but heard of freedom of speach ?
Pearce's channel
Pearce's channel Muaj më parë
You give an inch they take a mile.
Damien Talrose
Damien Talrose Muaj më parë
You're allowed to joke about the mass banning of conservative accounts from social media. I'm going to find my tech news elsewhere.
These tech companies need to go down!
Benedict Badminton
Benedict Badminton Muaj më parë
twitter and facebook about to regret this shit
T B Muaj më parë
0:18 wait Donald Trump has a twitch account?
Troler Muaj më parë
3:42 Simpsons have once again predicted the future
Pasha Nenn
Pasha Nenn Muaj më parë
Only fascist silence opinions they disagree with...
Gaming-Zombie13 Muaj më parë
I Live in a VAN DOWN by the river...
Andrew BA
Andrew BA Muaj më parë
Just wait until it creates echo chambers and turns the left on each other and creates more radicals. Echo chambers = radicalization from the users and the people censored. Go daddy started purging gun sites, they presented a bill to ban 3D printers, just wait gaming PC and mines will come next because of the electricity used.
TechTheory Muaj më parë
Who knew we would start a tech news video with politics!! lol lOVE YOU MAN!!!
nevermindthebollocks Muaj më parë
Not sure I trust the government to decide who has freedom of speech, I have a feeling it will end up being just them.
James Whale
James Whale Muaj më parë
Riley very much en forme 😂
flyingmobias Muaj më parë
Trump: -makes false propagandistic statements daily, especially on twitter -calls neo nazis very fine people -mocks fallen soldiers -him and gulliani call for a rally's mob to march to the capitol, "show force", "do trial by combat", "put pressure on weak repubs", etc -a riot occurs, 5+ dead, including a cop, and dozens of cops assaulted -Trump gets banned from social media for inciting and praising the violence ("we love you, you're special") -shocker to anyone? As per case law, you don't have the right to yell bomb or fire at an airport or movie theater, that's disturbing the peace / possibly terrorism. Death threats are also not allowed in a civilized society as it's a direct threat of immediate violence...
Thorable Muaj më parë
Leftists talk about propagandist statements while making propagandist statements. You couldn't even go two lines before bringing up the fine people hoax, literally in the second paragraph of that speech he condemns all of them, and there is video of him doing it close to 40 times in other contexts. But you know this, the left are always insincere, their every accusation is pure projection, the left always lies. If Trump or his followers had said a fraction of what the left has said, they would have banned him earlier, the only shocker is the scale of the lefts brazen hypocrisy. You are after all the ones that incited violent riots during the height of a pandemic, lasting half a year, with a body count that is simply off the scale while calling it the "summer of love". All one has to do is take a leftist action, swap democrat to orange man and it becomes clearly 1984.
Misherman Muaj më parë
“Haven’t seen the tweets, but I’m sure we can imagine them” Literally the purpose of censorship
Coolfred Muaj më parë
I'm so glad Trump is off twitter now
Pvt. MaYhEm
Pvt. MaYhEm Muaj më parë
Nah. I'm good. You guys stepped into politics. I watched the shows made by your group for a BREAK from Politics. Thanks for screwing that up.
Bate Daniels
Bate Daniels Muaj më parë
funny how honey sponsored a video about Facebook stealing users data
Snow Meow Creations
Snow Meow Creations Muaj më parë
Still fuming that pogchamp has nothing to do with "actual" pogs...
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop Muaj më parë
The tweets that they claim called for permanent suspension called for people to go home. Twitter is lying through their teeth. The posts are mirrored on other platforms.
Someday SuperSaiyan
Someday SuperSaiyan Muaj më parë
"Xray reptilian vision *long pause* so there's usually nothing to worry about" Yep, that's a like.
Andrew Paint
Andrew Paint Muaj më parë
So, what rules they use to ban Trump? The law? Without a trial? or their private rules? then it's a private hunt by the corporations. Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump, I don't think any side can claim they are representing the American value. Or this is the true American value, punishing someone without a trial, refusing to acknowledge the election result just because it's different from what they want...
Andrew Paint
Andrew Paint Muaj më parë
@Garnir of Windhelm Sure, "private company" is the excuse for everything. Don't you see their "private rules" trump the law (pun unintended). Isn't it a big issue when private companies can go above the law to punish anyone and everyone? When "private companies" can in fact control public speech, is it really private anymore? How we should judge freedom of speech is impaired? In the U.S., how many companies aren't private? When the country is literally private-owned, is "private-owned" a valid excuse?
Thorable Muaj më parë
​@Garnir of Windhelm They are not a private company, they are a cartel. "build your own", doesn't exist when any attempt to comes face to face with a wall of anticompetitive collusion, from financial to infrastructure providers, you will simply be blacklisted, as is happening to parler on apple store and google store. You won't even be able to run a website as cloudflare will deny you protection so their activists can perform endless denial of service to keep you down. And you won't be able to crowd fund or process payments to even do anything about it. These are simply monopologies/oligopolies, "build your own water company", not how anything works in the real world. The terms of service have zero meaning, the things that leftists say if said by a Trump supporter would be immediately ban worthy, in fact the entire left should be deplatformed as they questioned the election with russian conspiracy theories for an entire 4 years, Trumps objections have far more evidence than they did, and that kind of says it all. All their rules are in bad faith, as the left is simply that at this point, they are bad faith actors in collusion with not just big business, but neocon war inc, now their bffs.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
_'refusing to acknowledge the election result just because it's different from what they want...'_ - You're talking about Trump there, right?
Coolfred Muaj më parë
They're a private company, so it's _their private rules._ So glad he's gone.
Garnir of Windhelm
Garnir of Windhelm Muaj më parë
I mean they’re a private company, they’re likely making a cooperative effort to remove him/mention of the fraud from their platforms. With Twitter he probably violated their terms of service and ALnets was likely trying to keep their sponsors from freaking out again.
Norrotaku Muaj më parë
that thumnail was not poggers at all
Alvin Chan
Alvin Chan Muaj më parë
land of the free yet freedom of speech seems to be lacking...
Daniel Dreyer
Daniel Dreyer Muaj më parë
Like just bc riley
MrCrispyMAGA Muaj më parë
Trump was right about social media and mainstream legacy media smearing him and working against him. Michelle Obama commanded social media to ban Trump, and they all did the next day. Obama and people close to him are the biggest threat to our country.
Thorable Muaj më parë
@Coolfred "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism" Ronald Reagan
Coolfred Muaj më parë
haru dian
haru dian Muaj më parë
Don't buy apple cars.
Hero Czarnik
Hero Czarnik Muaj më parë
4:48 you said it perfectly
b m
b m Muaj më parë
its no surprise youre ok with this. biggest simp on yt.
IceCream Fan
IceCream Fan Muaj më parë
Why are there so many conservatives in the top comments? Also, if this gets much attention or replies, don't be a debate lord, please
Cargo Bay
Cargo Bay Muaj më parë
lul, A lot of you feel the president is being victimized over this, as if he can't get any message out he wants from a bunch of alternative places.
Thorable Muaj më parë
Cartel says no.
LetterQu Muaj më parë
Nice youtube taking our opinions away too
Jeff Cram
Jeff Cram Muaj më parë
"For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths." -The Bible
Good Citizen
Good Citizen Muaj më parë
Antifa provocateurs led the way and committed the acts.
nfseskimo Muaj më parë
"5 deaths and dozens of casualties" ??? stick to the tech news
Coolfred Muaj më parë
@Thorable _"Its misleading as how they count covid deaths,"_ - Ah of course you think that. Please do go on.
Thorable Muaj më parë
@Coolfred Not really, and said in a way meant to mislead, in fact the cop who died was a suicide, the rest were boomers being boomers. Doesn't compare to say the Dallas blm shootings where 5 cops actually died because of the worlds of Obama. Its misleading as how they count covid deaths, no doubt all 5 will contribute to that ledger as well.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
It's related to it
qu0 Muaj më parë
I will unsubscribe from this channel, first of all I'm not watching this tech channel to get instructed what I'm supposed to think politically. And for your small ape brain - no one should be banned and canceled for voicing something and it doesn't matter who that is. But you're too busy being poltically correct instead of using your small brain. Bye.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Good riddance
DJ Muaj më parë
The whole social media banning is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Period.
eXCore Muaj më parë
1) Fuck big tech. 2) casualty (noun) a person injured or killed in a serious accident or war.
Stone Wolf
Stone Wolf Muaj më parë
Free speech* *Not for trump
Thorable Muaj më parë
​@Coolfred Its not, its a cartel. If the left were being banned from social media by republicans and even payment processors and cloud services colluded to prevent a competitor you would be screaming. Don't even bring up free market talking points when its just disingenuous. "If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism" ( Ronald Reagan
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Free speech? This is a private company. If you let someone into your house based on some rules, and they broke them, is taking them back outside against their free speech? No idiot.
Rip Matek
Rip Matek Muaj më parë
Is it me or are his lips extremely pink??
JULEMANDEN99 Muaj më parë
Waiting for Visa and PayPal banning all trumpsuporters as they have done in the past
sugarmaker67 Muaj më parë
The guy is still worth nearly $4B, what are you worth?
K.D. Buss
K.D. Buss Muaj më parë
Initial suspension occurred after Trump called for protestors to remain peaceful and "go home now." : Permanent suspension occurred after he condemned the violence that occurred on Jan. 6th at the Capitol Building: Truly reprehensible statements worthy of being banned for! Let's also not forget the Google/Apple/AWS unlawful play to destroy the website/app Parler.
HAY DEN Muaj më parë
Amen exiting the twilight zone
Justin Heretotroll
Justin Heretotroll Muaj më parë
aceman8448 Muaj më parë
Apple uses child labor to make expensive phones though Chinas help.. Its ok 👌. Apple needs to protect us from freedom of speech
ScytheNoire Muaj më parë
Terrorists. The MAGA cult is a terrorist organization, as classified by the FBI.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Muaj më parë
Amazing how BLM can riot kill murder and loot than when a few things happen at a Trump really it's the end of the world
necro flounder
necro flounder Muaj më parë
​@Coolfred They incited racial grievances starting under Obama, remember the 5 cops gunned down in Dallas were under his reign. Their entire narrative is a manipulative lie, its why under the Obama regime they tried to hide crime statistics, no longer reporting the race of the perpetrator. You don't hide the good news. Through this deception they built racial grievances when the way that group is treated is based mostly on the rate of crime. You see this very clearly with how over half a year of BLM protests not a single BLM protester was shot by the cops, while in the first few hours of the capital protest they shot an unarmed protester that was white. The lefts lies give license to riot during pandemics, even occupying entire sections of cities as they did in Portland, you just have to remember the only standard here is a double standard. Questioning elections is insurrection, yet the democrats did that for 4 years. The democrat accuses others of is what they are themselves most guilty.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Muaj më parë
@Coolfredinfowars my friend. Listen to the American Jernal, David Icke, John Rappoport. Seriously how can you not know what the Dems are up to? Don't listen to Alex Jones or Owen Shroyer yet. That is for after you have excepted the truth and want to know more. Otherwise they will just be annoying and piss you off
Coolfred Muaj më parë
@Doom Guy What specifically did _the Dems_ do? (No seriosuly, I'm not american and don't follow everything that much)
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Muaj më parë
@Coolfred yes because the Dems let the BLM riots happen
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Mostly peaceful protests about peoples' rights, or even the violent ones, and storming the home of american democracy, are very different things.
Pepe Muaj më parë
Twitter: *bans trump* Trump: *bans twitter*
Pepe Muaj më parë
@Coolfred North Korea: *time to nuke amerika*
Coolfred Muaj më parë
The election: *bans Trump*
Z O Muaj më parë
I think he have to grow up a bit as a collective, what we say and share has consequenses and people have to be mindful about that.
Connor Bunch
Connor Bunch Muaj më parë
Anyone who is not terrified by the recent attacks on free speech, either doesn't know what's happening, or doesn't understand the importance of free speech.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Anyone who is not terrified by the recent attacks on democracy, either doesn't know what's happening, or doesn't understand the importance of democracy.
Ditch Weed
Ditch Weed Muaj më parë
I trolled you a while back. My sincere apologises 🙏
Syd Barrett
Syd Barrett Muaj më parë
5 deaths and dozens of casualties??
hangm4n Muaj më parë
Ruthless Roku scooping up a media company when the industry is floundering for pennies, good on them!
Xavier Maximus
Xavier Maximus Muaj më parë
Damn wish theyd do this for antifa but hey whatever
Bo Cimino
Bo Cimino Muaj më parë
There were a lot of youtube videos that illustrated actual evidence of election fraud. I watched them. There's also a site with a ton of claims called They are smart, calm, and outline very real questions, and I don't want Google's version of the truth on this.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Yeah if only they didn't forget to take this into court, woops.
Ariel Muaj më parë
Maybe they should have used this in court instead of losing every lawsuit they had.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Muaj më parë
If anyone is OK with this censorship you are part of the problem. What happens when it's you they deplatform and censor? This should trouble everyone regardless of political leaning.
Mr. Aizawa
Mr. Aizawa Muaj më parë
Honey sponsors are getting bogger
John Waddington
John Waddington Muaj më parë
No Cake for you
addusernamehere Muaj më parë
Trumps last messages blocked messages aren’t hard to find. Look ‘em up. LITERALLY urging people to “go home” cuz we need peace. Such a harmful things to say 😆😆😆 Hypocritical, power-hungry Twitter bully.
Kenneth Rosenstroem
Kenneth Rosenstroem Muaj më parë
Korean subs? Whats wrong with ALnets today?
Elias Dargham
Elias Dargham Muaj më parë
0:55 - Meanwhile r/Lebanese still stands strong even though it's nothing but Hezbollah propaganda with no way to report the sub.
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell Muaj më parë
I might not like what Trump is spouting but I also think that it's very dangerous when we allow individuals, cooperations or anyone to control what is and isn't said. Because nobody is unbiased but someone is making that judgement on what is true or not.
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh Muaj më parë
you read news from other websites?
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Muaj më parë
Letting Google and Amazon decide whether an election is legitimate or not might turn out to be a bad idea in the future. Just saying.
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Muaj më parë
@Coolfred Our court system being broken doesn't mean we should just hand that over to private companies. Also, our self interest as a country (depending on your politics blah blah) happened to align with GoogleTwitterbook this time. That won't always be the case. I get it, orange man bad. But the Orange man being bad doesn't make Tech companies good, or on our side.
Coolfred Muaj më parë
Yeah we should let the courts do that instead.. oh wait.
You Are
You Are Muaj më parë
@Charlie Fox Trump constantly attacked Twitter/Facebook and they allowed him on the platform. They banned him near the end of his election have a attempted coup that was a result of him spreading crap through said media sites. If this scary situation didn't happen with Trump then I'll take this situation serious when it actually happens.
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Muaj më parë
@You Are Agreed! My point is that if there was a hypothetical close election between a candidate who wanted anti-monopoly laws and such, and another who was in the pocket of big tech, these companies could/would use their control over the discourse to put weight behind their preferred candidate. It's not super relevant to this election, but there will be others. Imagine if instead of being the same person, one of these old men was pro-regulation, and one was anti? Might that have effected Twitter's decision? And what actions would twitter/facebook/youtube take differently? Are we as a society ok with giving them that kind of power?
You Are
You Are Muaj më parë
Or we could just use the votes, the courts, etc like we always do?
Joshua Maserow
Joshua Maserow Muaj më parë
Its so great having information filtered so that I know what to think and say etc. I would say yes master, but word master represents oppression and should be removed from the dictionary. Instead I recommend "yes, overlord." This is great! Love it! I would never use an alternative platform or support different companies. The ones who stand up for what they know is right and censor everything they think is not safe are the best choice forever. Its so important to silence opinions that differ from yours. Thats how you know you're right! Its amazing. Now I know what to think, and everything I see on ALnets agrees with me! I've never felt so confident in my beliefs.
Joshua Maserow
Joshua Maserow Muaj më parë
How do I know which comments I'm allowed to thumbs up? Is there a help button for that?
Joshua Maserow
Joshua Maserow Muaj më parë
Progress! Looking forward to the text box being replaced by a dropdown or radio buttons, so we can choose our comment from a pre-approved list of comments. The next improvement will be to reduce the list over time as we become accustomed to the new boundaries, as technology evolves and we move into smaller physical and intellectual spaces. Its a small world after all. With more measures for our safety needed to monitor everything and place more limits on movement, expression and accidental access to non approved opinions or information, its so great staying safe in 2021. The worst is when people disagree with you or present a different perspective, OMG. Can't deal with that anymore. Its like human interaction... Am I right? Yeah totally! Eventually we can just tick the box to acknowledge that we watched the advertisement. Cos thats all that really matters. Getting that approved content in a sustainable way and making comments that agree with the approved content. Tech makes life easier. Like i wouldn't need to write this long comment. Just tick. Great video! Good job! Happy 2021. Supporting diversity! Woohoo! So excited for more tech news!
Lesath Muaj më parë
Funny thing is they have not banned all the loonies whp were cheering at riots a few months ago and celebrating PEOPLE BEING KILLED for not allowing their jobs being robbed and burned.
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini Muaj më parë
Trump literally told protestors to go home, they banned him because he held to there being election fraud which is just taking his own side on an issue the country is split down the middle about. These sites are using their influence to force their views on the world, this has gone beyond free speech.
You Are
You Are Muaj më parë
Trump told the rioters to go home after continuously stroking the flames of wide spread fraud with zero evidence* Idk why you feel the need to lie
xy Chen
xy Chen Muaj më parë
D e m o c r a c y
Brandon Beckius
Brandon Beckius Muaj më parë
Can’t wait until I can afford a rtx 3080 super ultra ti
Paul Leykamp
Paul Leykamp Muaj më parë
@Techlinked Riley, I think you meant "5 deaths and many injuries" not "5 deaths and many casualties"
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele Muaj më parë
Why is james banned?? Eh boohoo
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Muaj më parë
Google, Facebook and Twitter have entirely too much control over information and public discourse..It's time to bust the monopolies and strip them of 230 protections.
Cody Zerkle
Cody Zerkle Muaj më parë
Don't y'all love censorship? Ya know. Now we can't have an opinion that doesn't agree with the tech companies? Sounds great.
Warren McDonald
Warren McDonald Muaj më parë
Why isn't everyone horrified by the banning and censorship? This is literally the nightmare that Orwell predicted in 1984. It doesn't matter if you agree with Trump's politics or not. This level of tyrannical thought control should have every person on the planet up in arms.
You Are
You Are Muaj më parë
I'll take tyrannical twitter of the guy who fueled this attempt at a coup for months
Ziyad Thunku Ousmand
Ziyad Thunku Ousmand Muaj më parë
Sole reason I'm using facebook is for e-commerce. I'll be deleting the rest of my accounts starting with reddit.
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