Intel's BACK... #Shorts

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Ok we're trying this #shorts thing again since it's rolled out in the U.S. now!
Intel had some big news today...
Intel Foundry services
another one
20 billion Arizona foundry

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The Agamer
The Agamer 17 ditë më parë
It really won't matter long term if they are not planning on switching to arm
RTX 3090
RTX 3090 22 ditë më parë
Without intel,amd is not even exist
DrPork 24 ditë më parë
I'm not biased to AMD I'm only using their stuff right now because it's the best you can get. I want Intel succeed, my first gaming PC was an Intel.
Cosmic Agents
Cosmic Agents 26 ditë më parë
AMD:Oh,so your are approaching me?.....I guess I shall use the hard way *Waiting for a New epic epyc processor performance reveal*
Timmy Fox
Timmy Fox 28 ditë më parë
Disliked because vertical video
Kody Nish
Kody Nish 28 ditë më parë
Lol squirrel guts wtf 😳
Kaleb Choi
Kaleb Choi Muaj më parë
Its pronounced oketeeeo
L L Muaj më parë
Fans: Intel has an engineer but AMD has a doctah Intel: we're screwed
Jeremy Piel
Jeremy Piel Muaj më parë
You pronounced ocotillo sooooooo bad lol leave the Ls out and say it lol
LORD LUMI Muaj më parë
A doctor?!’d she get the damn job?!
Eduardo Seitz
Eduardo Seitz Muaj më parë
It's so weird watching these in my ultrawide monitor.
Sharcc Muaj më parë
Correction: Intel upscaling production on their still sub-par shitty cpus that nobody except for userbenchmark actually wants.
pr0xZen Muaj më parë
Intel's back! *To 2018!* _ETA: 3rd quarter 2025_
Mr. Fil-Am
Mr. Fil-Am Muaj më parë
Does anyone want tacos?
Gamer’s Games
Gamer’s Games Muaj më parë
Amd ceo is a doctor intel Screwed
rblxpizzxguy Muaj më parë
AMD stocks after Intel releasing the 7nm CPU📉📉📉📉📉
Astra 060
Astra 060 Muaj më parë
Yeah... 11k series...
Chantapat Sheanakul
Chantapat Sheanakul Muaj më parë
As a teen I appreciate you guys looking out for our inability to rotate objects
Samuel Fensom
Samuel Fensom Muaj më parë
Can #shorts just die now ALnets? Tech News needs to be full screen, to get all the tech into my eye holes
Gandeldalf Muaj më parë
Shorts isn't really enjoyable to watch on a PC, it just feels like you guys cannot record properly and it hurts.
rohith ramesh
rohith ramesh Muaj më parë
Video quality is better than ALnets Stories.
K3NnY_G Muaj më parë
God these look stupid on my PC...
Zero64 Muaj më parë
horizontal videos. please. monitors aren't wide for no reason. please use a separate "Techlinked Vertical" channel or something for videos like this. its disgusting
Monchi Abbad
Monchi Abbad Muaj më parë
Quibi is back and it's name is techlinked-#shorts
Diviton Muaj më parë
Stop this vertical nonsense, teach these "teens" to hold their phones horizontally to watch a video
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Muaj më parë
out of every single thing you could use in the wilderness of our nature... you chose squirrel guts... what
BrianAnim Muaj më parë
Fuck vertical video, I like you guys because you do everything ultra wide!
Marcus Adams
Marcus Adams Muaj më parë
Eeeewww, vertical video.
Adriano Muaj më parë
Dude WTF, don't make this vertical ugly video. I'm begging you.
Matt Courtemanche
Matt Courtemanche Muaj më parë
Shorts bad
iKingRPG Muaj më parë
Yay techlinked shorts
Matt Gallant
Matt Gallant Muaj më parë
Missed chance to call it intelivation engine
Sandros94 Muaj më parë
if you are going to do this shorts in vertical format, at least fix your fov (like .8/.7 times your normal focal length)
Ivan Stamenkovic
Ivan Stamenkovic Muaj më parë
I don't want to look at recycled content. Pull this shit off.
Don Armstrong
Don Armstrong Muaj më parë
So happy to see this short form from TL!
Syth Muaj më parë
480p Welp
Drakinite Muaj më parë
I'd still rather just have the regular TechLinked show instead of in this terrible vertical format.
R N Muaj më parë
I need more of this ,like one in morning during tea , and one in evening and I'm from India so adjust the time kind sir . Also Big fan .
Sp3EdStR Muaj më parë
@ 0:55 😂🤣😂🤣
Jeremiah Buckley
Jeremiah Buckley Muaj më parë
I think you guys accidentally filmed vertically
Eeka Droid
Eeka Droid Muaj më parë
Building a chip out of wood and squirrel guts maybe a better idea than a new generation of 14nm chips.
p-man Muaj më parë
whats this #shorts all about?
flameshana9 Muaj më parë
Why is this call shorts when the video is so tall
Troy Carter
Troy Carter Muaj më parë
7nm is half of 14nm so thats great use of land.
joren brand
joren brand Muaj më parë
Please god don't make shorts, they suck to watch on pc and are just a feeble attempt by ALnets to emulate other social media platforms which just annoys me to my very core
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Muaj më parë
Shoot in 12k so you can crop it vertical 😃
Jo A Sh
Jo A Sh Muaj më parë
S Wang
S Wang Muaj më parë
Before I die, will there be a day when AMD chips are manufactured by Intel?
The Blue Salamander
The Blue Salamander Muaj më parë
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd Muaj më parë
This sucked, 59 seconds???
Maxim Muaj më parë
I am still not a fan of intel tho Their chips run to hot in laptops (desktops to but eh, im a laptop guy) Plus if im doing single core/ multi core demanding tasks, the new ryzen 5000 absolutely destroys intels mobile chips (some desktop chips to)
Tyerddude Muaj më parë
When you hear Chandler, AZ called ocotillo, Then you hear ocotillo pronounced like " A dang quesadilla"
killian henry
killian henry Muaj më parë
Just stop !
BizzarFish1 Muaj më parë
Man im really disliking how everyone is pushing the whole shorts thing, most i find is spam and aimed at mobie users who hold phone vertical (clearly not one of them) use a seperate channel for it i dont want this clogging my sub feed
robert Muaj më parë
Great for "picture in picture mode"
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera Muaj më parë
No me gusta el formato de este video.
Foster Lindsay
Foster Lindsay Muaj më parë
me on PC :P
Alex1984 Muaj më parë
Jajajajaja out of wood!
Tomáš Procházka
Tomáš Procházka Muaj më parë
are you kiding? vertical video? dislike...
Lohk's Muaj më parë
I hate shorts, please stop
Ranuka Jinadasa
Ranuka Jinadasa Muaj më parë
WHY is it not in landscape?
vesacksi Muaj më parë
... a doctor??? lol
e m p
e m p Muaj më parë
But why vertical ? Is there a new trend of using monitors in vertical mode or are you just youtube simps following every trend possible?
KeppyKep Muaj më parë
Ew vertical
ghos282 Muaj më parë
Because someone has to ask: Why is intel back in your shorts?
lilroxie therichwoodkid
lilroxie therichwoodkid Muaj më parë
I jumped into my tech news and what did I see... a vertical video in 480p... -Radiohead 2021
OscarCharlieZulu Muaj më parë
Go intel! They get a lot of shade thrown at them, but seriously they are one of the great American tech companies since the 70’s and are a bedrock piece of the personal computing revolution.
Brad Barracuda
Brad Barracuda Muaj më parë
Why does this video suffer from VVS?
reliegh mejia
reliegh mejia Muaj më parë
No vertical plz
Bob Bobberson
Bob Bobberson Muaj më parë
vertical video is a worse crime than the nicehash video.
Nick Slouka
Nick Slouka Muaj më parë
Yeah...the shorts is a no for me dawg
Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Ailuropoda melanoleuca Muaj më parë
Oh god please dont do this
Doppio Vinegar
Doppio Vinegar Muaj më parë
Intel's Back! for 14nm
SAITAMA Muaj më parë
Intel's new CEO is an Engineer. "HA-HA-HA What now bitch?!" "B-but AMD's CEO is _Doctor_" "Intel is screwed."
Rando Calrissian
Rando Calrissian Muaj më parë
Solid short
movement2contact Muaj më parë
Why in Arizona doe...? 🤔
George Humphreys
George Humphreys Muaj më parë
And today in ALnets, Commenters are confused why the video is vertical and short, likely because they do not use ALnets's shorts feature that has been on mobile for a while
iKingRPG Muaj më parë
Yeah, some of them probably only watch on desktop/tv
grant paterson
grant paterson Muaj më parë
You mean like the new 11700k that gets only 1 figure increases on the 10700k CPU? hahahahahahahaha Never mind the fact that Intel is knowingly endangering lifespans of the new CPUs by allowing Gigabyte etc to 'pre-overclock' new chips to run at damaging levels.....CONSTANTLY... Never mind it will cost buyers a ton in over the top cooling equipment, to which Intel will scream 'not our fault' when the inevitable fallout comes from shortened lifespans.
Baris Aktas
Baris Aktas Muaj më parë
Y’all need to post these on tiktok
Matt Clements Jr.
Matt Clements Jr. Muaj më parë
Not intending this to be negative, just want to give feedback and hope it helps shape your content planning. I really, really do not like ALnets Shorts.
Ekin Elçi
Ekin Elçi Muaj më parë
AMD made 7nm x86 in 2020, Apple switched to 5nm ARM in 2020 Intel in 2021: How about a 7nm CPU?
Lance Zimmer
Lance Zimmer Muaj më parë
WTF? Why is this video in vertical? It is killing me, stop that.
Connor Moulton
Connor Moulton Muaj më parë
is this made for tiktok?
Shane Parkes
Shane Parkes Muaj më parë
This was disturbing, why was riley on his side the whole video
Viktor Ionov
Viktor Ionov Muaj më parë
Yaaaas more. TechTok
Untouchable Players
Untouchable Players Muaj më parë
You guys forgot to film in landscape mode
Ian P
Ian P Muaj më parë
Intel stock to the moon 🚀🚀🚀
Péter Simon
Péter Simon Muaj më parë
Fix the verticalness :D
Terminal World
Terminal World Muaj më parë
They are fallling #shorts - just like this segway to today's down vote.
Rust TV
Rust TV Muaj më parë
u get my first dislike for the vertical video sorry hahaha XD
Alberto Nóbrega
Alberto Nóbrega Muaj më parë
Funny this showed up for me on the PC and not on the mobile app
uuuu260 Muaj më parë
I didn’t see this as a short it was on my recommended page, not sure if this is intended
Erpetter Muaj më parë
For one minute video I had to watch 20 second ad. ALnets sucks nowadays.
Flavio Snow
Flavio Snow Muaj më parë
Flavio Snow
Flavio Snow Muaj më parë
no exploit arround here
Asher Muaj më parë
TechLinked in portrait mode, a whole new world
Esat'ın Maceraları
Esat'ın Maceraları Muaj më parë
watching shorts in normal web page.
Caleb Eaton
Caleb Eaton Muaj më parë
Please no... no more of this. Thanks! Good for Pat though!
Lord Dwar
Lord Dwar Muaj më parë
Do not like the vertical format.
Michael Kwok
Michael Kwok Muaj më parë
No shorts please I hate them
William Spaulding
William Spaulding Muaj më parë
Hate these shorts, sorry guys not a fan. Just trying to give honest feedback.
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