Gamestop sells GPUs now.

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0:00 this is very important
0:08 Gamestop's selling GPUs
1:06 Apple tells devs "make web apps"
1:58 Amazon worker treatment
3:24 Drop Keycaps
4:06 Intel Xe DG2 HPG GPU details
4:38 iOS, watchOS security patch
5:03 Apex Predators banned
5:43 Razer actually making the mask
6:09 Big Stuck Boat
Gamestop will sell GPUs
Apple says devs can bypass the App store
Amazon biometrics peeing in bottles etc
come aaaan amazonnews/status/1374911222361956359
Some confirmed Intel Xe DG2 GPU details
update iOS, for security
Apex top players got there by DDoS-ing
Razer is actually making Project Hazel RGB mask
How to track the big stuck boat

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Rum Ham
Rum Ham Ditë më parë
-Gamestop: *sells GPUs now* -Console gamers: "PC gAmInG iS dYiNg"
James Graves
James Graves 16 ditë më parë
Too bad this is so old...not sure about that "receipt." It had poor grammar, and I can't imagine a policy that says ANY of that.
Cool Legend
Cool Legend 18 ditë më parë
It never ends...jk the world's gonna end... But I'm gonna end before it :(
Sydnay Allen
Sydnay Allen 19 ditë më parë
Just now found this channel... and I see why, Its fucking cringe as hell
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 21 ditë më parë
Amazon pays zero taxes cos of the loopholes they take advantage of. No wonder Bezos is so rich. Politicians eating off his hand, or ass.
Finland Journey
Finland Journey 21 ditë më parë
Only thing GameStop is selling here is bankruptcy.
Chrelle Haugaard
Chrelle Haugaard 26 ditë më parë
Wow i got a linus tech tips ad from pulseway on a linus tech tips channel :o
poké migg
poké migg Muaj më parë
Okay but what if there's a lack of gpus because GameStop bought all of them
J Muaj më parë
Status *Under way using engine* orly
assassinate241 Muaj më parë
Actually walked all the way to the other side of my room to update my iPad thanks to James. I'm gonna regret that when the laziness inside me puts me into a coma for a day.
RBC Studios
RBC Studios Muaj më parë
gameSTOP scalping gpus scalpers
Safemode Tron
Safemode Tron Muaj më parë
It's a ploy to get people to visit their site
Braden Arnold
Braden Arnold Muaj më parë
Just gave my first thumbs down ever for a LMG channel. Disgusting you guys made jokes about Amazon employees being overworked. Even worse, you didn't even mention the memo that was threatening their jobs. If you are too trash to recognize how disgusting that is, just don't cover the story. You can tell Linus is on vacation, because I don't think he would approve of such despicable behavior.
Braden Arnold
Braden Arnold Muaj më parë
Not sure how much I like jokes being made about the Amazon delivery drivers. I couldn't imagine having a job where I am constantly being threatened of termination. I guess it's funny for the spoiled ALnetsrs.
Prexy Muaj më parë
Cough in that razer mask and you'll be able to see the individual particles of corona on that plastic shield.
Psymøn Muaj më parë
"Fidget spinner keycaps for Madison" LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Eric Salidbar
Eric Salidbar Muaj më parë
znice hes using a 8bitdo zero! thats pretty awesome to be able to use it for different things.
Joe’s Super Fantabulous PC Gaming Channel
Joe’s Super Fantabulous PC Gaming Channel Muaj më parë
I wouldn't trust GameStop with any large amount of money based on how they've handled other large price orders (PS5's for example).
Lillypadd Muaj më parë
GameStop selling GPUs is like my local coffee shop giving me a desk
HerrEiklar Muaj më parë
I don't own an iPhone nor am I a Apple Fanboy, but I still kinda agree with Apple pushing PWA's
MuchoTaco Muaj më parë
The opposite of indubitably is outdubitably
PapiMedia Muaj më parë
Don't mind the puddle on the floor it's just water or something.
Star Fyodperor
Star Fyodperor Muaj më parë
Good for GameStop... To sell gaming equipment... To gamers... You know, what their name actually says...
Officer Thundercock
Officer Thundercock Muaj më parë
3:17 why does him pitched up kinda sound like Linus?
suicidal teddy
suicidal teddy Muaj më parë
i love the pandemic
Arkian Muaj më parë
Were both sensible and emotional. You cannot alter that in all humans.
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb Muaj më parë
Are they really selling GPUs if there isn't any GPUs?
Adam J Smith
Adam J Smith Muaj më parë
2:56 That Amazon poster is ruthless.
Pixel Rubbish
Pixel Rubbish Muaj më parë
Technews today? I need fix
Rinsed Muaj më parë
did linus paper hand? r slash gme
Ray Mak
Ray Mak Muaj më parë
They have the money now
FLEX316 Muaj më parë
Crap tech channel you lot get 1/2 the crap you talk about wrong every time 4FS do some research b4 you post this crap.
KYB77 Muaj më parë
Quickbits got me thinking about linus' age
Poke12Gauge Muaj më parë
Gamestop employee:Its been in a mining rig for 5 years still runs we wont take any lower than $450
Bloodstriker Muaj më parë
Stop looking around so much xD feels like you not telling that to us :P
martyfriedman666 Muaj më parë
Probably just listed them on the site to attract traffic cos they dont have to puchase them right now. probably will take the adverts down once stock actually becomes available
A B Muaj më parë
error video wont play
Arwyn Jones
Arwyn Jones Muaj më parë
HODL ape strong together
Ashlyn Eagle
Ashlyn Eagle Muaj më parë
Wow. They straight up said everyone is replaceable. What a great work enviroment amazon.
Freddy Gamer&technology
Freddy Gamer&technology Muaj më parë
Wow you guys are way behind they started selling GPUs 7 months ago as well as keyboards, motherboards, power supplies, and CPUs i have even said this in the comment section awhile back in a different video lol
ASCENSION Muaj më parë
If you're tech guy and haven't jailbroken your iPhone, are you really a tech guy?
InFy Razer
InFy Razer Muaj më parë
Apple has smale pp energie
CommandrX Muaj më parë
Gamestop the place that sells used shit $5 under new pricing.
m2mdohkun Muaj më parë
That's... that's pretty dark... and truthful...
Dom Martin
Dom Martin Muaj më parë
Yeah except Progressive Web Apps on iOS don’t allow push notifications, yknow, the most basic important feature for loads of kinds of applications.
MrCrdub Muaj më parë
UPS drivers pee in bottles too... by choice.
Patrick Houchins
Patrick Houchins Muaj më parë
Sleepless Indefatigable
Sleepless Indefatigable Muaj më parë
Sounds like a good reason to buy Gamestop.
Kevin Sameul's
Kevin Sameul's Muaj më parë
W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P• *+•1•9•0•9•2•4•3•1•4•2•4* I•N•V•E•S•T ««» I•N ««»» C•R•Y•P•T•O B•T•C ≤≥ A•N•D ≤≥ E•T•H
Kevin Sameul's
Kevin Sameul's Muaj më parë
Thanks for commenting, I will refer you to my trade analyst and accountant to make good income , go more on Digital Assets BTÇ..
Epic Muaj më parë
When did it become cool to have a random guy in the background yelling without his own microphone??
JoseitoEdlVodao Muaj më parë
Idiots, giving your freedom one joke at a time.
James Dean
James Dean Muaj më parë
You guys are so cool 😎
Bmorr Muaj më parë
I thought Gamestop selling computer parts was well known, guess cus I buy so many controllers our gamestop guys figured I could keep a secret lol
M3h3ndr3 Muaj më parë
The intel gpu will be useless anyway since its made by the guy who lead amd in a dead end...
10010011 Midg
10010011 Midg Muaj më parë
I dont care who sells it to me. I would buy GPUs in Aldi for only 20% above MSRP. If they sell 400 Dollar GPus for 1000 then nobody cares.
needs|LITHIUM Muaj më parë
Urine is NOT sterile. That's medically inaccurate.
Steve Muaj më parë
I hope that Amazon write-up paper is fake! Holy fuck, did a 5 year old write that? And if it's real, it makes Amazon the worst piece of shit company in the world!
savinprivtemike Muaj më parë
Gamestop sells GPUs now. they have been for years if people would actually walk to the non existing pc section they sell mail in gpus
speedracer123222 Muaj më parë
Web apps won’t be sufficient if it’s things like emulators or games really.
Steve Forsythe
Steve Forsythe Muaj më parë
Gamestop sells GPUs. In theory.
Devon Wiseman
Devon Wiseman Muaj më parë
EB Games here in Canada is technically Gamestop, they closed a store down next door to my workplace, the manager there said they were shifting towards offering more hardware for PC on top of the consoles/accessories, while shifting the random merch crap to an online store that will also sell digital copies. They closed a couple stores in my town, but renovated the busier, more centrally located store to make it larger.
matt howard
matt howard Muaj më parë
What a game store selling gaming stuff ? What has the world come too .
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher Muaj më parë
I manage a gas station across from an Amazon driver depot. They absolutely do pee in bottles. They're in the trash cans all the time.
Noah Paulette
Noah Paulette Muaj më parë
We still like the stock. 💎🖐
LedNe0nDevil Muaj më parë
Leave Apple alone, everyone knows Apple has it's store, it's also secure. Everyone can try to do better. I don't see anyone accusing Sony of monopoly over theirs Psn store.. Or Nintendo and it's game store... It's ridiculous...
Prawny Muaj më parë
"Just build a [progressive] web app"? Maybe if you'd sort your sh*t browser out and support all the features offered by PWAs, then it would be a viable option, Apple!
Štěpán Komárek
Štěpán Komárek Muaj më parë
ALI009 Muaj më parë
pee in a bottle, Dumb and dumber flashbacks
FreeStyle Muaj më parë
Listen carefully, I shall say this only once.
Viorel Nicolae Strimturean
Viorel Nicolae Strimturean Muaj më parë
just updated my iphone :> :))
SpaceFighter TZZ
SpaceFighter TZZ Muaj më parë
Sounds like old news. In Seattle there used to be Electronics Boutique that was a game store (now gamestop has the location). EBGames sold video cards and sound cards. That is where I had bought a sound blaster live sound card unit for about $260 when I was 14 years old. Later on, probably when gamestop took over, they didn't sell video cards when I wanted to buy one. Back around 1998 or so
Downhill Groovy
Downhill Groovy Muaj më parë
Funny how they are selling them now that they can't be kept in stock and they aren't doing anything to fight bots
Kiam Kweli
Kiam Kweli Muaj më parë
Good luck getting one. With every tech tuber posting this same information...
JD ISHERWOOD, JR Muaj më parë
It’s evergreen not ever given. Don’t copy other people’s mistakes lol
edward jones
edward jones Muaj më parë
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight Muaj më parë
please everyone stop buying from amazon they are l;iterally the scum of the earth.
Yeltnerb 1
Yeltnerb 1 Muaj më parë
2021 = 2020.1
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay Muaj më parë
So you don't question the employee "proof" you showed? Seriously? No in the smoking the vans. I highly doubt that's official from Amazon. Come on now.
ThaAlumniMusicGroup Muaj më parë
GameStop been selling gpu since rtx 3000 Launch?
mike bar
mike bar Muaj më parë
They should of done that years ago
Uncle Jace
Uncle Jace Muaj më parë
If That Amazon contract is REAL (I don't think it is, Some Bad Engrish) I'd tell them to SHOVE IT IN THEIR ASSHOLE
Shie 'Tar
Shie 'Tar Muaj më parë
Yeah, that'll end well. Gamestop in 2011 bought the Impulse platform from Stardock, which had a better interface than Steam and was sold by Stardock because it was getting too succesfull, and little old Stardock did not want to hire all the new employees they would need to handle the success (i.e. they did not want to transition from software company to sales company). By 2014 Gamestop had run it into the ground and gave up on it. If their track-record holds true, we will stop using GPUs by 2024 ...
Emre Demirkaya Loves
Emre Demirkaya Loves Muaj më parë
Came here for a GPU Ended learning about Apple, Amazon and Intel
Patrick Prafke
Patrick Prafke Muaj më parë
Amazon employees pee in a bottle. Press loses its mind. Truck drivers have been at it for decades, and nobody cares. Lol
Procxlite Muaj më parë
So THIS is where all the GPU orders have gone. Nvidia said it was a yield issue... but it was really my DIAMOND HANDS COMMITTING ATROCITIES
Paz Muaj më parë
Well if it isnt true this is clickbait
Struggle Gaming
Struggle Gaming Muaj më parë
If game stop became a pc hardware store as well as a console store it might save their failing brick and mortar.
Dreamy_ Muaj më parë
Amazon is consumerist dystopia irl 😔
Gadget 420
Gadget 420 Muaj më parë
Well i checked gamestop and they don't sell gpu's
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott Muaj më parë
Less forced bullshit please.
pikalols Muaj më parë
my gamestop has been selling graphics cards since around 2020, best card they had was a GTX 1660 super, at MSRP. unfortunately they got scalped quickly tho.
Dy Lon
Dy Lon Muaj më parë
i saw a 1660 super at game stop a few weeks ago!
Darkitz Muaj më parë
actually gamestop sellin GPUs is pretty huge outside of the US. Very rarely retailers have GPUs in the EU
Little Cham
Little Cham Muaj më parë
Maybe im trippin but I swear I have seen graphics cards at bestbuy years ago
Michał Krzyżanowski
Michał Krzyżanowski Muaj më parë
Gamestop should require to go to the actual store so bots don't buy them all out
Ron Paul
Ron Paul Muaj më parë should honestly just have Riley do ALL Tech Linked. He's the only funny one.
3rdHalf Muaj më parë
C G Muaj më parë
I think they pee in bottles at their work stations, and take a cart of packages to the bathroom when they poop
Bean Cheez
Bean Cheez Muaj më parë
Yo fuck Apex. That whole game is nothing but hackers and alt accounts. What’s more surprising is they actually did something to these cheaters.
THE MAD TECHIE Muaj më parë
i used to manage a babbages/gamestop and they used to sell gpus in the past, the company began as a pc software store we sold gpus, soundcards and some other components, they also used to sell all kinds of software including business focused software . so they have not "begun", they have "returned"
Firered kite
Firered kite Muaj më parë
Previous title: “should I buy GameStop GPU’s?”
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